Beliefs and Values

We believe in living positive meaningful lives and value kindness and respect.

We believe that when you live a meaningful life, based on respect and kindness, you will find happiness and love and other virtues will follow such as integrity,  loyalty, compassion, responsibility, generosity, gratitude, humility, patriotism and hard work.

We also believe that we are part of something bigger than ourselves that transcends.

When you realized that you are part of something bigger {a family, a school, a sport team, a church, a community, a town, a city, a country, a continent or a planet} then you also realize that there is no such thing as an innocuous action.

Everything we do and say has an impact on something or someone else. Even the simple action of brushing our teeth has in impact on our environment and on the people with which we share it.

So we try to live in a such way that has a positive impact on our big family: humankind and contribute to make this world a better place.

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