Meet the Inhabitants

There are four inhabitants in Our Familiarium, two down-to-earth Troglodytes and two heads-in the-clouds Sprites.

beetleCommon Name: Grumpy Beetle Troglodyte – AKA Beetle Dad

Title: Beetle Dad reserves all veto rights over my creative rights 🙂 e.g. He was the one that adamantly vetoed  “Bunkerized Chicken Coop” as the name of the blog, came up with the fantastic name “Familiarium” and suggested the humanized insects characters.

Scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata-Arthropoda, Class: Mammalia-Insecta; Order: Primates-Coleoptera; Family: Hominidae ; Genus: Homo-Troglodyte Master.

Behavioral characteristics: Like overprotective, stubborn, stern Crood’s patriarch Grug, Beetle Dad is simply adorable. He has an amazing, almost eidetic memory and he likes cigars, Albert Einstein, Genesis, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, and The New England Patriots.




dragonflyCommon Name: Moody Dragonfly Sprite  – AKA Dragonfly Mom { That’s me! 🙂 I’m decorating a yoga mat in this picture I LOVE YOGA!}

Title: Like many moms, I do a little bit of everything! I’m the Site Administrator, Chief Editor, Creative Director, Social Media Manager, Photographer and Blogger.

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata-Arthropoda, Class: Mammalia-Insecta, Order: Primates-Odonata; Family: Hominidae ; Genus: Homo-Sprite Master

Behavioral characteristics: Like Maleficent, I’m a Sprite made of a questionable concoction of good and evil. The proportions always vary, especially whether I got a good night’s sleep or not :). I like creative writing, reading, (especially urban fantasy), dancing, cooking, yoga, Spain, Sangria, and blogging. And… I’m BIG on Girl Power!







Defying all genetics laws, Beetle Dad and I crossbred and spawned two little version of ourselves.


grasshopperCommon Name: Hyperkinetic Grasshopper Troglodyte – AKA Cyborg Grasshopper

Scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata-Arthropoda, Class: Mammalia- Insecta, Order: Primates-Orthoptera; Suborder: Haplorhini-Caelifera, Family: Hominidae ; Genus: Homo-Troglodyte Apprentice

Behavioral Characteristics: While Grug Crood is a Neanderthal, Cyborg Grasshopper is a Cro-Magnon. Like Guy from the Croods, he is not as strong as Grugg (yet) but he more than makes up for it with his intelligence and creativity. Little Grasshopper likes STEAM, soccer, football, piano, guitar, saxophone, and video games.








butterflyCommon Name: Fiery Butterfly Sprite – AKA Butterfly Fairy

Scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata-Arthropoda, Class: Mammalia- Insecta, Order: Primates-Lepidoptera, Family: Hominidae ; Genus: Homo-Sprite Apprentice

Behavioral Characteristics: Like Tinkerbelle, Fairy Butterfly brings with her awe, magic and joy everywhere she goes. However, like Dragonfly Mom, she can be very volatile too. What Fairy Butterfly likes today she may not like tomorrow. Fairy Butterfly is great at making up “chapel stories” (horror stories) and right now she is into meteorology, dancing, soccer, sing, piano, guitar and ice skating.








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