Welcome to Our Familiarium!

Where you can observe a living family, in its natural habitat.

We, the inhabitants, hope you have fun following our annual cycle as we come out of hibernation in Spring, have fun in the Summer, get busy in the Fall and hibernate in the Winter. All this while living, experimenting and sharing what we learned.

English is my second language and we don’t have an editor. B-Dad does his best to proofread my posts but he doesn’t have a lot of time. So please bear with me as a make more than a few grammar mistakes. 🙂

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Down history lane…


We had tried different ways to preserve our family experiences, from photo albums to journals, looking for a way to display pictures, videos, notes and comments from family and friends.

Two days before Thanksgiving of 2015, while pintesresting, looking for recipes and making one of many listsI visited many blogs and the idea sparked in my mind… A Family Blog!

So Our Familiairum was born! A Family Vivarium, where you can observe a living family in its natural habitat.


This was a crazy, but FANTASTIC year! 🙂

I couldn’t blog for months and had to catch up with almost a full year in November. That was also the the year when I realized it was also crazy to think I could keep up with three blogs and merged my book blog with our family blog. I realized that even though I wanted to blog about cooking and parenting and all that exciting stuff happening in our lives, I couldn’t possible cover it all so I came up with a smaller tag line and list of categories.


Going great so far! Lot’s of fun!

Thank you for visiting!



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