Baby is cold outside!

Winter is here!

Hello my dearest fantastic beasts!

For us northern hemispherians… Winter is here! Even though with temperatures in the 50s in late December I was wondering if we were going to have it at all! But it’s ALL here! 🙂 And of course  my spawns absolutely LOVE IT!


And even though winter is no my favorite season, I find New England’s winter wonderlands very inspiring. I love to snuggle in the sofa, with  a blanket, a glass of wine and a book [or my laptop] watching beautiful, muted sunsets over the white landscape of ice and snow that is our backyard…

Most of the time tough, everything is wrapped in a ghostly blue glow, the skeletal branches cracking with  the wailing wintry wind…. So Gothic and inspiring  atmospheric! That’s why I write TONS during the winter!


I don’t like to walk much and even enjoy the walk to my office, in Providence, Rhode Island!


What about you?

Do you also find Winter inspiring?


Thank you for visiting!


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