A #foodie tale – Crockpot rosemary bacon wrapped maple pork loin with fig glaze

Raise your hand if you love the crockpot!

Hello my dearest fantastic beasts!

Today I wanted to talk to you about my BFF, the crockpot. The crockpot became my BFF about a year ago and I will never understand why it took me so long to use it!! How did I live without it this long??? Today I wanted to share one of my favorite recipe, which is great for these winter months:

Bacon wrapped maple pork loin with fig glaze


It’s very simple. Marinate the pork loin in olive oil, garlic, salt, peeper and fresh rosemary. We used rosemary from our herb garden!


Seared the pork loin in a pan


Wrap it in bacon


Put it in the crockpot and top it with a mustard and fig preserve glaze and more fresh rosemary


crockpotmaplebaconwrappedporkloin6 crockpotmaplebaconwrappedporkloin7

Cook it at high temp for 4 hours or at low temperature for 6 hours and Enjoy!

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