It’s a wrap! – Good bye 2017

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible – Tony Robbins

Hello beautiful beasts,

Welcome to my last “it’s a wrap” post of 2017!


We are grateful for another wonderful year!

These were our 2017 Family Goals, and a status report:

  • GOAL: Another successful school year with good grades and maybe some more acknowledgments and awards. Grasshopper will start middle school which means a new school so finger crossed the transition goes smoothly. STATUS: Accomplished! Both spawns ended the school year with outstanding grades, though Grasshopper elementary school didn’t merge with a middle school so he didn’t start  middle-school.
  • GOAL: Kids trying out and being accepted again to their soccer club STATUS: Accomplished! They not only stayed in their teams but Grasshopper was also selected for the US Soccer Development Academy!
  • GOAL: Kids starting in a rock band at their music school – STATUS: We had to give up rock band to focus on piano, ballet and saxophone.
  • GOAL: Butterfly auditioning and performing again at CoppΓ©lia and The Nutcracker STATUS: Since we so busy we decided that Butterfly would not audition for Coppelia but she did auditioned and was selected for a role in the Nutcracker for a second year in a row [which we unfortunately had to decline because of conflicts]
  • GOALS: Piano lessons and NYLF for Butterfly. STATUS: Postpone to 2018
  • GOALS: B-dad and I should find the time to either go to the Y or hike. STATUS: in progress. πŸ™‚
  • GOAL: We are WAAAAAY overdo for a real family vacation of at least one week-long! STATUS: Postpone to 2018 πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
  • Start the family cookbook that part of our 2016 goals. STATUS: Postpone to 2018
  • Get started with our Society6 shop with the kids art work. STATUS: Postpone to 2018

Other #FamilyLIfe updates

  • Grasshopper had his first piano recital in the state’s Philharmonic Orchestra and Music School
  • Grasshopper went to his first overnight camps. [OMG my baby is growing up too fast!]
  • Butterfly  had first communion  in May.
  • B-Dad got a new job which he is enjoying very much and…
  • Yours truly, continued with her all-consuming hobbies of being a #bookworm, #bookblogger and soccer mom along with cooking, flamenco dancing and sangria drinking AND
  • Met ALL her blogging goals from 2016!

These were my 2017 goals, and a status report:



  • GOAL: Blog more consistent and efficiently. So I decided to continue this β€œIt’s a Wrap!” as a regular feature to summarize what happened lately on the blog, and maybe what’s coming up nicely in one post. Not sure how often this will happen but I’m hoping at least monthly. I would also like  participate in the 2017 Book Blog Discussion Challenge @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. and in the New England Reading Challenge STATUS: I did blog consistently in 2017! I published 173 posts, which is an average of 14 posts a month! Among then there were a few discussions posts. Unfortunately the New England Reading Challenge didn’t continue so I was no table to participate.


  • GOAL: Get over my reading slump for good and read all the books I said I was going to read this year.  STATUS: I definitely got over my 2016 reading slump! I had originally set a 50-book 2017 reading challenge in Goodreads, which I accomplished in June! So I changed it to 80 books and read… TA DAAAAAAA…

83 books!

You can see the rest of the book I read HERE

Not bad at all for a reader with a chronic condition and a professional DNFer huh?!

And here is my Goodreads 2017 year in Books…

You can see more about my Goodreads 2017 year in books HERE

And look at this beautiful NetGalley ratio! OMG! ##whoevenamianymore???

So I wanted to…




What about you? How was your year? Did you meet your goals?


Thank you for visiting!

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