It’s a Wrap! Worldbuilding – Best & Worst of 2017

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Welcome to my tenth “It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017” Post!

We have all read  those books where the world is so fantastic, and rich and downright awesome is almost as important as the plot and characters! Often we are just reading a book BECAUSE of the world!  It’s almost another character! Layered, complex and always evolving! And, behind every great world, there is an awesome worldbuilding!

Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe.[1] The resulting world may be called a constructed world. Developing an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as a historygeography, and ecology is a key task for many science fiction or fantasy writers.[2] Worldbuilding often involves the creation of maps, a backstory, and people for the world. Constructed worlds can enrich the backstory and history of fictional works, and it is not uncommon for authors to revise their constructed worlds while completing its associated work. [source]

These are the best and worst world-building I read in 2017…



If there is something I love more than a good Dystopian/Apocalyptic is the afterlife! It requires a lot of imagination to create these worlds! What happens after we die??

This one was just AH-MAZING! AH-MAZING! AH-MAZING! AH-MAZING! The Veil! The real world and the afterlife are masterfully intertwined by the fantastic world in-between: “The Veil”. A ghostly insubstantial image of the real world where the souls wait to be guided to the afterlife.

Marked (Servants of Fate book 1) – 4.8 “perfect blended world” stars

Same goes for Sanctum! The world where the suicidal souls go. Also a Sarah Fine’s book. Sarah is the Queen of the Afterlife! No one mixes the afterlife with the real life better than Sarah Fine!

Sanctum – 4.3 “beyond” stars

And of course we had to talk about Red Rising! Well this world is just OUT OF THIS WORLD awesome! A futuristic intergalactic world, the life in all the different planets, the incredibly complex and hierarchical society… JUST WOW!

Red Rising – 5 supernovas

And here is Helldivers again! A Dystopian/Apocalyptic readers’ Disneyland where all dreams come true! This world is soooooooo well thought and described down to every possible detail: The poisoned Earth, the crazy climate, the wastelands, the ruins of the abandoned cities, the technical specs of the divers’ suits and of the airships. The life in the Hive, how they farm, how they manage their waste, how they deal with sickness and crime. Family relationships, friendships, love affairs… political and personal dramas brewing everywhere… love, hatred, loyalty, betrayal. You name it… Nick thought of it!

Hell Divers – Five huge “HELL YEAH” stars

This was a Dystopian/Apocalyptic world that was very well developed as well!

Mercury Striking – 4.3 bratty stars


This is not really a worst but more like a non-existent world development. This book is one of the best books I have ever read so it could have very well been a constellation of stars but I had to minus 0.1 star because the supernatural world that was SO important to the plot was such a part of the mystery it was never explained AT ALL!

Bone Gap – 4.9 “Mermaid Tiara’s Gems” stars!

What about you?

What are the best and worst world-building?


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