It’s a Wrap! Characters – Best & Worst of 2017

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Welcome to my eighth “It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017” Post!

We all love a good premise and plot but very often is ALL about the characters! If we don’t like the characters, we really don’t care much about what is happening to them right?. And the opposite is also true, sometimes there is not much of a plot but we fall in love with the characters and we keep reading because we can’t get enough of them!

These are the characters that stole my heart in 2017 and even made me adopt them!


There were three characters that I ADORED so much I had to adopt them!

“Lada, you little disgusting, dark, ruthless, but brilliantly, sharp, creature… COME TO MOMMY!”

And I Darken – 5-star adoption story

Alex, SO FREAKING precious that “My soul and this book were FULLY assimilated. Resistance was futile!”

See You in the Cosmos – 5 cosmic stars

August! I loved August. Period. His honesty, courage, ALL OF HIM.

Wonder – 5 wonderful #choosekind stars!

I always wanted to be like Alex [that’s why did martial arts f or years] and HELL YEAH I want my Butterfly to be like Alex! I wanted her to be nice and kind BUT If she has to choose between being prey or predator… The choice will always be obvious to me!

The Female of the Species – So many IMPORTANT stars!

And here is the weird outlier… Even though this books was a horrible plotice, the characters were wonderfully diverse and complex! There were all the different races, ethnicity and sexual orientations of the human spectrum. If you can think of it, it was very likely represented here!

Every Heart a Doorway – 2.8 “PLOTOCIDE, FLATINED” stars

And there are the villains you have to love…

Like Alice, she wasn’t BAD but definitely she wasn’t good, she was VERY DAMAGE. Living dead. One of the best characterizations I have ever read!!

Living Dead Girl – 4.6 VERY disturbing stars


Man, the characters of these two books were straight out of bizarroland! They were SO bizarre that the books would have been GREAT as a Sci-fi alien stories!

The Bad Beginning (A series of unfortunate Events #1) – Minus two bizarre stars

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Uh??? So not what I was expecting

And these last two books were an odd mix.

Six Months… The MCs… SMH! I wanted to get inside this bsdm story, be the Dom, and slap the characters around some!  BUT TREVOR!!! I fell in love with Trevor [April BFF]. Trevor was everything Reno wasn’t! and he held my hand and help me finish this book…

Six Months – 2.8 formulaic stars

Making Faces… I wasn’t crazy about the MCs either because they were too “perfect” BUT Bailey, their BFF was AWESOME!

Making Faces – Whyyyy did I read this book?? But…

What about you? What are the best and worst characters you read this year?


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