#AmCurrently reading like a beast!

OMG! I need to read, read, read!

Hello beloved fantastic beasts!

How is your end of the year going?

Mine it’s kinda intense but I’m kinda very excited, and hyped because…


is awesome with the tree up, the house decorated and all the gifts already wrapped and under the tree since the end of November! Fallcalypse is almost over with all outdoor sports on hold until spring and the rest of the after school activities taking a winter break. Now looking forward  to Grasshopper’s piano recital, his FIRST Lego League qualifiers and all the holiday parties, and…

Last week I  even had time for some…


I’m setting up a new #bulletjournal for 2018. It’s always exciting to start a new notebook when you are a .  I’m was using a letter size DIY notebook but I decided to downsize to an A5 again 🙂

I’m got the Artist Loft bullet journal from Michaels, which is only $5, and I’m loving it so far!

And talking about bargains, I love these wall decals at dollar tree! Can you believe you get around 8 of these decals with these awesome designs for ONE DOLLAR???

I got some Boho feathers and made them the theme for my 2018 BuJo. [you gotta love boho feathers!]

Here are some pics [still a  work in progress]…

I especially love the one I used for the cover since it has my favorite colors, teal and navy blue, which go great with the grey.



One of my favorite spreads is this calendar for my posts, with sticky notes that I can move around as needed…




I scheduled TWENTY-FOUR posts!

WHOHOOOO! I’m a scheduling beast!

So I got these awesome LGBTTQQIAAP, Own-Voices, and Mental Health reviews ready for you along with equally awesome,  dark, Gothic and scary Bird Box and One for Sorrow!


Not as much as I should, so I hope to do better the next two weeks so I can work on my query letters. And I’ve been slacking because…


A LOT  ! I read FIVE books last week [that is UNHEARD of!] because…



These are the books #AmReading now…


And these are the books #AmReading  next.

They are all pending ARCs so I can finish the year with a great NetGalley ratio as well. My ratio is now [drum roll]…

Wow! Who am I??? Am I a grown up book reviewer now??

What about your beloved beasts?

What Kind of beast are you now? Areading beast? A blogging beast? A writing beast?

Are you close to meeting yor 2017 goals?


Thank you for visiting!

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