It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017 – Theme and Premise

So, what is that book about???

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Welcome to my first “It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017” Post!

Not sure if I told you but I’m writing a book. [HA! That’s ALL I talk about lately right?] Well, I’m really writing FOUR books [because I AM LEGION remember? Possessed by many demons. One demon likes to write Dark Fantasy the other likes to write paranormal contemporary. Or maybe because I’m an ADHD Legion so that’s how my brain works. I HAVE to do many things at the  time 🙂 ]

During #Preptober, when I was prepping for this NaNoWriMo 2017 adventure, I decided to use the elements of novel writing as inspiration to write my “Best & Worst of 2017” posts.  One of the firsts steps in novel writing is to determine the theme or premise of the book, or “what is the book about”.


This is a general term used to the describe the overall concept of a loosely formed story. It is the precursor to the genre, plot, tone and conflict of a film, without making any moral judgement on the underlying idea. There is no grand argument in a premise defining a premise as being either good or bad.

A premise often starts with the central question of the story without much reference to the film’s execution. [source]


The theme evolved after the premise has been defined and what will be said about the central question. It refers to the underlying message of the story and how it expects an audience to respond to the material. A single premise may give rise to very different films if the thematic focus if the thematic focus is altered. [source]

So today I wanted to tell you about about the Best & Worst themes and premises I reviewed this year.



Death, sickness, loss, disability/medical conditions and Family love

These premises have spawned some of the most beautiful stories I have ever read…

Wonder – 5 wonderful #choosekind stars!

A Monster Calls – Five heart-synching melodic stars!

See You in the Cosmos – 5 cosmic stars

Things I Should Have Known – A puffy cloud of perfection!

Hate and derivatives

As love, hate [and its close relatives racism, prejudice, inequality and their spawns war and genocide] can be a very powerful premise for stories. It is usually linked to love as well….

The Hate U give – Undeniable truth about our way of life!


Very similar to hate anything evil, especially the dark side of human nature, it’s a very powerful premise!

Living Dead Girl – 4.6 VERY disturbing stars

Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories – 4.5 Dark matter stars

Roanoke Girls – 4.8 brilliant, dazzling dark, dark stars!

The End of Days and After

You know I HAD to say this, my beloved apocalyptic beings, but… The End of the World and whatever comes after! Not necessarily literally the end of the world as in the biblical sense of total destruction but the end of the world as we know it.

Life As We Knew It – 4.8 surviving stars

Hell Divers – Five huge “HELL YEAH” stars

The 5th Wave – 5 addictive stars

Blood Red Road – Infinite Oneness Stars

Girl Power

Anything feminist! Because… I’m a woman and I’m all about equality. So I guess I’m a feminist! Because…

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men. ― Gloria Steinem

The Female of the Species – So many IMPORTANT stars!

Speak – fivezillion SPEAK UP stars!



The worst premises and themes I reviewed this year have to be…

Pedophilia glorification

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things – Minus 4,995 existential crisis stars!


Suicide glorification

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain this one!

Thirteen Reason why – Very dangerous book! 1 “not even sure” star

People with Mental Illnesses are not people

And therefore don’t deserve respect…


It’s all About me

I thought this book was about the MC’s disability but nope. It was about his love interest’s inability to cope with and respect his wishes.

Book Review: Me Before You – 3 “you gotta be kidding me” stars

And this one was all about that poor German boy in the other side of the fence and not about the boy in the concentration camp. SMH!!!

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – So good and so bad! 2 stars!

What about you? What are your favorite themes and premises?


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