It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017 – Category of Fiction

So what KIND of book are we talking about?

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Welcome to my third “It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017” Post!

After the theme and premise  the next I notice about a book, even before reading, it is the category of fiction to which the book belongs; which you can often you can tell by the author, title, blurb and cover.

The Three Categories of Fiction

Broadly speaking, fiction can be divided into three varieties: literary, genre, and mainstream. […]

  • Genre fiction is the most popular variety of fiction. It can be divided into categories such as mysteries, thrillers, and romances. If you decide to write genre fiction, you need to be aware that each category will have a particular set of rules (or conventions) that you, the writer, will need to more or less follow in order to satisfy the fans of that category.
  • Literary novels are generally far less commercial than genre ones – but only generally. If your literary novel happens to win a major prize or get made into a movie or receive some positive word-of-mouth buzz, it could still make you very rich. A page-turning plot is less important here than in genre fiction. What is more important? Deep characterization, the exploration of theme and “fine” writing.
  • Mainstream fiction, as you might have guessed, sits more or less halfway between the other two. In fact, it’s often defined in terms of how it’s not quite as “literary” as literary fiction and not quite as plot-driven as genre novels. [source]

First I used to read only Literary Fiction and then practically stopped reading it to read exclusively genre fiction. I was all about the plot and world-building! Give me tons of fantastic creatures in a fantastic world [Vampires, Werewolves, Wizards, Witches, etc] and make them fight! You know, that ol’ good “Good  vs Evil” premise. This year I seemed to be more about the characterization. So I think I’m somewhere in that grey area of Mainstream Fiction.

Today I wanted to share with you the Best & Worst books I reviewed in 2017 by category of fiction:


Magical Realism

2017 was definitely the year of Magical Realism ! Since I was suffering from severe fantasy allergies I guess this was my way to stay in touch with the otherworldly 🙂

And the very best Magical realism Books I have EVER read have to be these three!

Like Water for Chocolate – Magical Realism at its best!


Bone Gap – 4.9 “Mermaid Tiara’s Gems” stars!

The House of The Spirits

Another Genre I discover I absolutely LOVE in 2017 is Historical Fantasy/Alternative History. Nothing like re-writing history and spicing it with some fantasy/sci-fi elements.

These two books absolutely BLEW ME AWAY! Two of my very few 5-star reviews in 2017.

Wolf by Wolf – 5 promised stars

And I Darken – 5-star adoption story


And since I’m all about the plot, I had to make this ploticide the worst genre book I read in 2017!

Every Heart a Doorway – 2.8 “PLOTOCIDE, FLATINED” stars



You’ll see these 5-star books in other categories as well. They are just plain awesome!

Speak – fivezillion SPEAK UP stars!

The Female of the Species – So many IMPORTANT stars!

The Hate U give – Undeniable truth about our way of life!



OMG these books have to be among the worst books I ever read. All categories. Period. UGH THESE BOOKS! I tell you! UGH!

Thirteen Reason why – Very dangerous book! 1 “not even sure” star


Book Review: Me Before You – 3 “you gotta be kidding me” stars

What about you? What are your favorite categories of fiction?

What books were the Best and Worst books you read or reviewed in of 2017 in those categories?


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