It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017 – By Age Group

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Welcome to my fourth “It’s a Wrap! Best & Worst of 2017” Post!

After the theme and premise / topic of interest and the category of fiction I will probably chose a book by age group. I mostly read Adult books but I like YA books very much and I’m often looking for children books to read to the kids. Here are the Best & Worst I reviewed in 2017 by Age Group:


Children and Middle Grade

Wonder – 5 wonderful #choosekind stars!

See You in the Cosmos – 5 cosmic stars

A Monster Calls – Five heart-synching melodic stars!

Young Adult

Speak – fivezillion SPEAK UP stars!

The Female of the Species – So many IMPORTANT stars!

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life – 5 all-the-feels stars


The Siren – 4.8 sinful stars!


Children and Middle Grade

The Bad Beginning (A series of unfortunate Events #1) – Minus two bizarre stars

Young Adult

Thirteen Reason why – Very dangerous book! 1 “not even sure” star


All the Ugly and Wonderful Things – Minus 4,995 existential crisis stars!

What about you? What are your favorite age groups?

What books were the Best and Worst books you read or reviewed in 2017 in those age groups?


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