Goodreads Choices Awards 2017 Semifinals – A Bookworm civic duty!

I voted! Did you vote?

The Goodreads Choice Awards 2017 Semifinal Round Nominees are here! Almost 2 MILLION votes cast! Semifinal round ends in three days!


It’s every bookworm’s civic duty! LET’S VOTE PEOPLE!

Because… If we bookworms don’t tell the world know what were the best books of 2017… WHO WILL?

I do have to say I was kinda of a lame voter this year because I didn’t read many new releases and this was the VERY FIRST year I couldn’t vote for any fantasy book!


I just love “The Goodreads Choices Awards” because it’s what I always use to choose what I’m reading next year. So you’ll see many of these books in my 2018 Reading Goals 🙂

So, tell me! What books did you vote for?

Which of these Semifinal Round Nominees have you read or will be reading soon?

So, this kinda remind me… 2017 is almost over! So, it’s time to start wrapping things up! Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2017! In the following days I’ll be digging in my “Treasure Chest”and will be posting some best and worse bookish of the year

[Anyone??? ANYONE?? ONLY ONE BLOGGER FRIEND has noticed

what I mean by “Treasure Chest”! *stomp her foot and pouts*] 

Hope you let me know what your best and worst are too!

Thank you for visiting!

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