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What do I prep for??

So #Preptober is here! In case you never heard of it before [like me until a couple of months ago], #Preptober is the prep phase of NaNoWriMo]

When I was a careless daring pantser I didn’t care about any prepping parties. But now that I’m a careful plotter, I’m ALL about this #Preptober!

I can’t wait to get into all this #Preptober madness!


There is only ONE THING.

I don’t know yet what I’m writing for NaNoWriMo!

So I was hoping you could help me! Because…

What are friends for huh??? HUMPH!

So, should I…

Option 1: Write the second book of Daughters of the Desert?, which is the draft I’m currently editing

All I can say about this WIP for now, is that there is these girls and women, Daughters of the Desert, they are here for a reason and they powerful.

There is also are these guys, let’s call them “The Origins”, that are hunting them down. Why? To help them?  to kill them?  Something worse?

And what happens to Daughters of the Desert… is terrible 

And Global Armies arisen…

And with them, The Dark Days come…

I would love to write Book 2 of DoD because…

  1. This trilogy it’s my baby, I really would like to finish it!
  2. Book 2 is already plotted and I have written about 20K words so it SHOULD be easier to prep for this one.


  1. This is also my first WIP and it’s all over the place so it needs A LOTSA work! I feel that 50% of what I do when I work on it is cleaning the mess! And…
  2. I didn’t want to write a sequel until I had heard back from an agent.

Option 2: Write Book 1 of my Second WIP [let’s call it “Mamita” for now]


All I can tell you about this book is that Mamita is fierce, swears like a trooper, knows some ancient powers that precede what we know as voodoo and because has connections in the wrong side of reality. She protects who she considers hers, whether they want it or not. And you don’t want to get on her bad side! So maybe, just maybe, you just need to let her OWN you!

I want to write Mamita because….

  1. Since it’s the new shiny thing that caught my attention I literally CANNOT stop thinking about it so…
  2. I could plot it really easily and
  3. I’m less of a newbie and I think I could be more efficient plotting it and writing it, so it wouldn’t be such a mess.


Should I work on a new WIP when I haven’t finish my first?


Dear friends, Let me know your thoughts!

Which one would you write for NaNoWriMo?

 Thank you for visiting!


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17 thoughts on “#Writerslife – HELP! #Preptober is here!

  • Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Hmmm. I mean, maybe at least finish the first edit of DotD before writing the second book? So that you kinda know what you’re working with for the second book? Unless you’re already sure how the whole story will go, then I guess you could go for it. But if you’re really feeling the other one right now… I’m terrible at giving advice about this, haha.

  • chucklesthescot

    I think you are best doing what motivates you most right now as that will come easier than making yourself do something. Mood writing! Each day where you get time, work on what you feel like doing on that day. You might end up doing a whole week on one project or something different each day but it means you are always making progress on something, y’know? If you feel you are going forward on things, it’ll motivate you more!

    Good luck!

  • Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I say work on Mamita. It will give you some distance between book 1 and 2 of the other and it will also allow time for feedback on the other. Seems like you have a good plan for both of them though so I figure you’ll be successful no matter which you work on 🙂

  • Tamara Narayan

    I’ve never done Nano before and don’t imagine I will. I’m a slow writer and the goal of this seems to be getting words down, lots and lots of words. So in that sense, maybe your second project would fit better to meet your goal. The first project is sounds more like a tinkering thing, a stop-and-go kind of thing, which might slow down your word goals.

  • Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    I always LOVE your story boards – they are soooooo pretty, and the DOD story sounds amazing too!

    Mamita ALSO sounds good BUT I actually don’t have any advice about in which order to write…. I don’t know what’s meant to be best or what ‘they’ say.

    For me I would want to read DOD more so, so I’d say do that one. 🙂

  • Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I’m totally for working on Book Two for NaNoWriMo. First, because it seems the easiest option right now and I feel like being the second book it would make for a smooth NaNo experience than starting something new. Secondly, because those inspiration boards are AWESOME! Seeing those gets my imagination running wild and evokes all kinds of mental pictures like a movie playing. Love it!

  • Greg

    I like the sound of DoD, and love those dark images! But I don’t know which to tell you since it’s hard to give advice like that. I will say, though, that those women in the fourth set of pics look BADASS! lol Okay I’ll say DoD- sorry! Ha ha !!!

  • Olivia

    I’m just pantsing my way through October, trying to fix something I’ve written this spring, while also preparing for November with absolutely no idea of plot. I just know I want to have a female villain as the protagonist… and I have a magical system that is based on plants. The end, that’s all I know. How fun! You asked for my Twitter: @Vinjii

    • Olivia

      Also, I hit sent too fast, sorry. Mamita or DOD. Think about this: depending on how much you change book 1 around you will be able to entirely throw book 2 out (that speaks for Mamita) …. HOWEVER, book 2 might also give you a better idea of everything and new things open up and new ideas pop in and you end up having a better idea on how to edit 1… do you need a break from this world? Or are you in it, then, maybe, stay in it!