A #Yogi Tale – The perfect Yoga Style


Hello all of you beautiful zen beasts!!

Today I wanted to tell you about my quest for the perfect yoga style at My Temple, where there is something pretty much for every taste and level of fitness… [MAN, ASK ME HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE DRUMS??!]

They offer four categories of yoga styles:

As I mentioned when I first introduced My Temple , since I suffer from motion sickness, just TO LOOK at those hammocks makes me sick! 🙁 So there is really only three categories for me: Subtle, Mindful and Power Yoga.

Before there were any Springgedons and Fallcalypses in my life [AKA before my kids’ entered competitive sports] I used to be very active and could keep up with any of the Power Yoga styles, which have the benefits of any intense workout:

Increases strength & flexibility

Reduces stress

Helps with posture

Boosts your metabolism

I really, really miss the Sun Salutations of the Vinyasa Flow class, which…

creates strength, flexibility and freedom in the body and mind, using sequential movement, linking postures and deliberate breath. This vigorous practice includes sun salutations, back bends, inversions, forward bends and twists.

So, I’m determined to get fit again and go back to those classes so I can tell you all about them!

But first I had to start slowly with Subtle Body

and Mindful


I started with Restorative, which is…

…a non-vigorous deeply calming practice. It uses blankets, bolsters, pillows and various props to completely support the body in basic yoga postures with no muscular effort. Through these supported positions, we are able to relax, slow the breath and slow the mind, initiating the “Relaxation Response”. Through relaxation, the organs and glands are saturated with a fresh supply of oxygen and blood, leading to renewal and revitalization at a cellular level. Come Rest, Relax & Breath with this gentle yoga class.

Unfortunately, Restorative was like a yawing marathon for me. We did FOUR POSES the entire class. I kinda enjoyed just being there stretching my legs but it was a little too relaxing. I ain’t gonna pay $12 an hour to JUST to relax. NOPE. I need to get this body moving! 🙂

Yoga with Meditation and Mindful Yoga were pretty much the same. Even thought I’m not in the best shape, I still have a Dory brain that needs to be constantly stimulated. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation was much more active and fun, but a little too Avant Garde  for me.

Candlelight Vinyasa  and Spa Yoga were just PERRRFECT for me. Very fluid but still relaxing!

Hopefully next time I tell you about my yoga practice I will say I’m back to practicing Vinyasa Flow 🙂

Until then.. Namaste!

What about you? Do you like Yoga?

What is your favorite style?


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