The Halloween Children – 4.2 “everyone is creepy here” stars!

And… The battle of the Demons for Legion’s Control!

And look at this! Good Ol’ Professional DNFer me even had the time to finish one more Creeptober book!

 4.2 “everyone is creepy here” stars!

About the Book

The Halloween Children

The Halloween Children are watching—they’re always watching in this chilling novel of suburban horror from Bram Stoker Award winner Norman Prentiss and Brian James Freeman of Cemetery Dance Publications.

The accommodations at Stillbrook Apartments aren’t exactly glamorous, but they’re quiet, affordable, and well maintained. The handyman is usually available to help with a leak or a broken bulb, his wife and two adorable kids often tagging along. When occasion dictates, the neighbors gather to wish each other well and spread the requisite holiday cheer. Everything’s very nice. Very normal.

But as Halloween approaches, strange occurrences are happening all around Stillbrook. The children tell disturbing stories, bizarre noises bleed through the walls, and one abandoned unit is found to be inhabited by something sinister—something that’s no longer alive.

For the safety of the tenants, the Halloween party has been canceled. There will be no decorations or masks, no candied apples or witch’s brew. But without treats to divert the Halloween Children, they have no choice but to play some very nasty tricks.








I tell you! Sometimes, I don’t even know who I am anymore!

#whoamievenanymore ???



Which is many demons integrated in what used to be a human: BookwormDemon, BookBloggerDemon, DNFerDemon, and WriterDemon [among many others]

And these demons don’t usually get along.

This is pretty much how this particular inner fight went…

WriterDemon is daydreaming about NaNoWriMo.

DNFerDemon is asleep (lazy bastard is always sleeping! )

BookwormDemon and BookBloggerDemons are very awake and make Legion feel guilty about the many pending ARCs she has.

Legion browses her ARCs.

BookwormDemon, giggles with excitement: “OH LOOK! A HALLOWEEN ARC!!!”

BookBloggerDemon chimes in: “And it’s Creeptober! We can always use a Halloween review!”

[WriterDemon pays attention now. After all she is writing a dark fantasy/horror book right?]

DNFerDemon, half awake now, rolls her eyes is disdain: “We are SO NOT in the mood for horror.”

BookwormDemon and BookBloggerDemons make Legion open the book. DNFer-demon yawns uninterested.

Legion reads the first page. Someone is interviewing a witness???

DNFerDemon wakes up now and rolls her eyes. “Ugh a crime book. We hate those.”

BookwormDemon and BookBloggerDemon whisper to Legion: “Just read”

Legion reads. There is indeed a police interrogation in the first page.

DNFerDemon [with an annoying teasing tone]: “Told you so. CRIME FICTION”

BookBloggerDemon: “Nope. This came from NetGalley. Remember NetGalley? Where we get our ARCs? Have we EVER requested a crime book in NetGalley?”

Legion [and all demons together]: “No”

BookBloggerDemon: Right. We have never. This is a horror book. Remember why we requested it?

Legion: no.

BookwormDemon: Right. Our memory stinks. Well. I DO remember. It was because of the blurb.

DNFerDemon: We don’t read blurbs.

Bookworm-Demon: WE DO. In NetGalley we do. And the blurb said “Stoker Award winner Norman Prentiss and Brian James Freeman of Cemetery Dance Publications”

Legion, excited: OH YES!  I REMEMBER NOW!

BookwormDemon: YOU LIKE horror. trust me. Keep Reading.


So you get the idea. This goes on and on. Pretty much until the book ends. Not only this book. ANY BOOK.

And BookwormDemon was right, I did like this book!

This book is GOOD people!

This is one hid behind the door, waited until it was really dark and eerie and…


Scared good ol’ Legion!

Harris and his wife Lynn’s alternative first Person POVs made the story very interesting. At first the plot moves slow because it’s very character oriented, focused on this married couple and their “issues” but since it’s first person you are their IN their minds and the way they think about “marriage issues” is very odd, borderline creepy. So you are at the edge of your seat waiting for one of these two pieces of work to do something REALLY bad and then the story starts weaving some supernatural stuff in too and HELL YEAH! So entertaining!

Even if nothing ever had happened I was having a lot of fun just being in the minds of these two!

There were plenty of other equally “odd’ characters in Stillbrook Apartments to keep you guessing…


Oh no, wait!…


Oh no, wait!…


Everyone is creepy here people! Read this book for Halloween! Or any time of the year when you want to be really spooked!

So, what about you? How many demon posses you?

Which one usually wins?


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