#FamilyLife – Playground joy

Those precious moments when life is like a playground

Hello fantastic beasts,

Today when we are ready to say goodbye to summer, I wanted to share a few lovely pictures of my Butterfly at our local playground.


enjoymoments4 enjoymoments enjoymoments1 enjoymoments2 enjoymoments3

She just looks so free and happy and reminds me that we are lucky to have the life we have, in this beautiful country, where she can feel free and safe.

It also makes me wish life were always a playground: all joy. Even though life is definitely not always joyful, I like to enjoy and cherish these moments!

Things that make life a playground for me are spending time with my family and friends, cooking and sharing good food and drinks, summer, the ocean, the sun, the moon, the stars, reading, writing and blogging.

What about you? What makes life a playground for you?


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