Productive procrastination – BuJoing!

Bookworms, writers and bloggers’ BFF.. a planner!

Hello beautiful procrastinating beasts!

Today I wanted to tell you about another wonderful way to procrastinate! 🙂

Bullet Journaling! [AKA BuJoing]

before I tell you more, in case you never heard of bullet journals, here is this video…



And, man, was this just PERFECT for Moi??? Because, man, DO I LOVE PLANNING!!!???

Another thing that spawning little duplicates of your DNA does to you is to make you in a disgusting planning beast! Once your Spawns hit the after-school activities years, you don’t plan, you perish! And your Spawns go down with you [HA! How is that for dramatic?]

I would dare to say I like to plan things almost as much as I like to do things ! Sometimes even MORE, because planning is very much like day dreaming. You envision how you want things to go, and in your vision things just go PERFECTLY 😉

I probably spend about two hours a day planning. Filling my calendar with the Spawns activities, setting reminders, setting alarms in my iPhone and creating all kind of checklists: to do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, bucket lists, “to read” list, “to write” lists, “to schedule” list, “to post” list… “EVERYTHING” lists!

I tell you… If I actually DID as much as I PLANNED, I would have conquered this universe already! 🙂

I know NOW that planing is the way to avoid total chaos and mayhem. BUT before my Spawns made me a better person, I was NEVER a planner. Before, I loved living “on the edge” and being “spontaneous”. How ZEN OF ME right? 🙂 And how totally DISASTROUS! LOL! 😀

Like pansting my WIPs for years instead of outlining first. Oh. If I only knew! Well, I know I’ll be better in my next life. Wait and see!

So, back to BuJoing…  Besides being as relaxing as pinteresting or bookstagraming BuJoing is sooooo freaking creative, and artistic, and productive, all the kinda good things that all reading, writing, blogging and plain living beasts need!

Right in the middle of Springgedon, when I thought I would DIE of stress, I started doodling on one of the many journals piled on my nightstand [because I’m totally like Sarah in her book Adulthood! I collect notebooks and journals that I hope to make pretty one day 🙂 ].

And I was like… DAMN IT! I SO WANT THIS JOURNAL TO BE FREAKING PRETTY! Why can’t I make it pretty??? And coincidentally I happened to run into some posts about BuJoing and I realized that I had been informally BuJoing for YEARS because I have TONS of journals with tons of checklists. So, all I needed was to go totally Dory with it

LOOK AT THAT NEW SHINY THINGYYYYY, let’s get hyper-focus on it!

So when I was done with my previous obsession [binge watching GoT for like the 4th time] I obsessively stalked BuJoing blogs and watched BuJoing videos until I had learned ALL THE THINGS about BuJoing!

Then I got my BuJo, started my collections, and now all my checklists live together is a very promiscuous happily ever after. And let me tell you, BuJoing is a life-changing experience… no, wait, let me scream it…


I hope to share everything I learned soon but in the meantime, let me share my favorite links…

Boho Berry

What about you? Are you a planning junkie too?

Do you also dream about beautiful notebooks and journals floating in clouds all around you?

How do you organize your life?

Are all your checklist also promiscuously gathered in one place?



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