Productive Procrastination – The Rocket Science of #Bookstagram

Let’s take NICE pics, and solve this mystery!

I can’t believe just a few years ago I didn’t know what Instagram was, and now I’m the town’s lunatic taking pictures of books in the oddest places. 🙂

When I started blogging, Instagram was just another social media account that I “needed” because I wanted  the widget on my sidebar SO BADLY! [yup, I’m a widget hoarder 🙂 ]

So, I opened an account and posted the same images I was posting on the blog and then, just ignored it.

I thought that widget was just for my readers to see. 🙂 Oh poor me, always so clueless!

But then notifications stared popping on my iphone… “xxx likes you pic”, “yyy likes your pic”


HUH?? Followers?? THAT got me curious!

Why are random people [who don’t know me!] liking my pics and FOLLOWING ME????

So, I got curious and browsed instagram some, and.. OOOOOHHHHH… I felt in love the beautiful Instagram universe! I discovered accounts with pics I liked and followed them because I wanted to see more pics! And that was the first AHA moment. 🙂


That’s WHY people follow other people in Instagram!

They like the pics!

[I tell you, I’m a genius!]

And there I realized the accounts that had THOUSAND of followers where the accounts that posted regularly and with the most beautiful pics! Another AHA moment. 🙂


People like BEAUTIFUL pics!

[Pffff I tell you, my IQ is off the charts!]

So I compared my pics to those pics and understood why my account had a handful of followers, all family and friends 🙂

My pics were not “beautiful” enough! 🙂

Those popular accounts had a THEME. A CONSISTENT content with a consistent format [background, filter, props, angles, effects, etc]. They told a “story” that people wanted to hear [to see, in this case]. My account? There was a pic of Grasshopper smelling  tomatoes, followed by a pic of us in the library, follow by a pic of Butterfly riding a horse. There was NO THEME.

[thank GOD I at least knew about tags, that’s how I got the few followers I got!]

So I researched, learned and started to post regularly using the same kind of background, props and filter. I also limited my pics to food, drinks and books. My followers grew from 20 to 200 in one month! I was like WOW. There IS a science behind this after all!

But then I realized that when I posted a food picture I would gain twenty followers, but then if I posted a book picture I would lose half of them!

Another AHA moment. 🙂


People like BEAUTIFUL pics, about the same topic!

[I was cracking this mystery people! I was!]

So I made my feed ONLY about books and that’s how my Instagram became a Bookstagram! 🙂 and I reached 500 followers in a month!  And I became the Bookstragram lunatic of my neighborhood walking around the library garden, propping books against tree branches and bushes while bending over to take pictures in those odds angles that make my Butterfly giggle. Now the library ladies giggle when they see me coming too.


[and every neighborhood has a lunatic!]

During the holidays I experimented with X-Pro II filter because I liked how the fading darkening effect:


Then in spring I started the lighter theme you see now on my sidebar which brought me to 750 followers! WHOHOOOO 🙂

And recently I started to mix books with Bullet and Art Journals and I’m crossing my fingers I don’t lose followers just because of that! [this is risky, dangerous science people! It is!]

But I still have SO MUCH to learn! like how to interact people and that mystery of mysteries that is Instagram tagging! I hope to share again everything I learned with you all soon!

Though this is just another great way to procrastinate, I’m hoping this little obsession of mine is just temporary insanity. I hope not to spend tons of $ on professional cameras, backgrounds and props as I learned professional instagramers do!

What about you? Do you have an Instagram or Bookstagram account?

Have you cracked the mystery of tagging?


Thank you for visiting!


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