#FamilyLife – Summers in New England

We dream of endless summers!

Hello my beautiful apocalyptic beings!

Today I wanted to share with you our love for summer.

Since Our habitat is New England, our summers are very short.

So, we treasure them dearly and we don’t go anywhere!

Summers in New England are JUST THE BEST!

We specially love our beaches!

There is the warmth of the sun, the smell of the ocean, the caress of the breeze,

the subtle tingling of the sand, the lulling of the waves crashing….



Is there a better place to be??? Is there a better place to read?????

I love reading at the beach! Especially rereading timeless, classics like The Alchemist! 🙂

[One day, if I can find the right words to express what his book means to me, I’ll write a review for The Alchemist]


And look! Real dragonflies love the beach too 🙂


Every weekday’s afternoon, after work I go get the kids to their summer camp

and we head to the beach until sundown.

summe summer    summer4  summer6


Sometimes “tios” [my brother and my sister -in-law] join us and the kids have a blast playing with them!

[because “tios” spoiling them rotten! 🙂 ]

summer8 summer9 summer10

Many times friends also join the kids for play dates…

summer14 summer15 summer16

And help us comb the beach and find hidden treasures…


summer23  summer26 summer27

And the sunsets are to die for!

summer11 summer12





During the weekends, because the beaches are too crowed, we stay home and swim and kayak in our little pond 🙂

summerfunpond summerfunpond1

Summer is our favorite time of the year! A time of sunshine and laughs to be shared with family and friends!

Too bad it’s almost over!

That’s why we dream of endless summers! 🙂

What about you? Are you a summer lover too?

What are you favorite beach reads?

Do you also wish it never ended?

Thank you for visiting!


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