#Writerlife: How I got ready to win Camp NaNoWrimo and finally finish my WIP!

As God is my witness!

I will write 20K words during Camp NaNoWriMo! and

I WILL finish book 1 of “Daughters of the Desert” this July!

[call me Scarlett, please]

And how will I do that, my fellow writing beasts may ask??? Well, I got a Machiavellian plan AND I PREPPED like the apocalyptic beast I am! I…

  • Became a household beast. I cleaned, paid bills, folded laundry and prepped, cooked and froze food like the world was going to end! 🙂
  • Cleared my writing desk. ZERO DISTRACTIONS. There is only my laptop, coffee mug and starburts
  • Drafted and scheduled a bunch of posts for all of you my beautiful reading, writing and blogging beasts so I can focus on finishing my #novel [and visiting blogs 🙂 ]
  • Printed my manuscript, read it and went through seven steps of unpublished writer’s grief:
    1. Denial. OMG This is NOT good! Thus cannot be my WIP!
    2. Guilt. I Should have never spent so many hours procrastinating in Pinterest and Instagram!
    3. Anger. I’m SO STUPID! I can’t even!
    4. Bargaining. Could you please sit down, and finish this WIP??? What if I get you an “All about ME” day? would you finish it?
    5. Depression. I’m never going to finish this WIP! [sobs]  Never, never, never. I’ll be just more scrap paper for my kids to play with! [sniffles]
    6. Acceptance. OK, this is NOT perfect but…
    7. Hope. It’s just the first draft.
  • Did NOT edit! (it wasn’t easy!)
  • Did make a list of what I need to finish in a new document where I can’t be tempted to reread the entire manuscript and go through the seven steps AGAIN!
  • Vowed to only indulge in my favorite productive procrastination activities IF I hit my daily goal. So, if I don’t write 700 words a day… I won’t not fail Camp NaNoWriMo but my social media stats will suffer because I will be MIA!


When nothing else works… FEAR!

FEAR is the best motivator my dear writing beasts!

And when this reign of terror is over… IF I win NaNoWriMo Camp AND IF I finished my first draft and therefore enter Editland… Only then, I will be rewarded with the most wonderful “ALL ME DAY” ever, [because my birthday happens to be in August anyway 🙂 ]

  • Haircut, color and style
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Sweden Massage
  • Shopping spree with my Macys’s credit card which is at zero balance now but has a very low balance to ensure I don’t go overboard. ;-P

What about you my fellow writing beasts?

Are yo doing NaNoWriMo?

How did you prepare for it?



Thank you for visiting!


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