#Foodie Tale – Plantain Breakfast Frittata

Salty sweet awesomeness!

Hello fellow #Foodies!

Today I wanted to share the recipe of an all-time family favorite that I wish I made more often! This is a B-Dad Mom’s recipe that he taught how to make me when we were dating. And…


Salty, sweetness awesomeness!

This is the perfect summery breakfast, so tropical and SO simple!

Preheat the oven to 350°, peel, slide  and fry two plantains [not too ripe!], then layer the fried slices with a melting cheese [we used mozzarella], ham [can substitute with turkey or bacon] and eggs beaten with salt and a tablespoon of cream. Keep layering until you ran out plantain. The last layer should be plantain and cheese. Cover and bake for 20 min. Then uncover and broil until cheese is golden brown. Serve warm and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy it as much as me do! 🙂

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