Definitions of Indefinable Things – one “so mean!” star

Terrible, mean MC!

My dear Young Adults readers… This is not a good #depression rep! Please don’t get confused!

ONE star!

About the Book


Definitions of Indefinable Things

This heartbreaking, humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected.

Reggie Mason is all too familiar with “the Three Stages of Depression.” She believes she’s unlocked the secret to keeping herself safe: Nobody can hurt you if you never let them in.

Reggie encounters an unexpected challenge to her misanthropy: a Twizzler-chomping, indie film-making narcissist named Snake. Snake’s presence, while reassuring, is not exactly stable—especially since his ex-girlfriend is seven months pregnant. As Reggie falls for Snake, she must decide whether it’s time to rewrite the rules that have defined her.


I was SOOOOO looking forward to reading this book and see how depression was depicted!

And I ended up SOOOO disappointed! And I little worried too.

The main character was downright YUK. A spoiled, mean, selfish, and entitled teenager. So, I worry that young readers reading would think it is OK to treat people the way the MC does because “she suffers from depression”.

People suffering from depression often behave irritably, and come across very negative, snarky and sarcastic.

HOWEVER… Depressed people are not sociopaths!

They are not mean to people for no reason. They don’t disrespect their mothers for no reason. The way the MC treated her mother was downright deplorable. Below, in my Goodreads updates, you can see that I kept reading to see if her mother was mean to her  in any way. ANYTHING to justify the way Reggie treated her. But nope. That wasn’t the case.

The Reggie’s mother behaved like any normal mother that is concerned about her depressed child.

But all you get from Reggie is that her mother makes “stupid suggestions” for Reggie  to follow the directions of her therapist, its annoying enough to go get her medications at the pharmacy, and doesn’t talk but “babbles” about normal things like birthday cards. Whatever spoiled Reggie “didn’t care about” was totally stupid. Everything her mother did was stupid. Especially being a Christian was stupid. I’m not a Christian and I found all Reggie’s references to this religion very disrespectful.

The way the two depressed teenagers “in love” talked and treated each other was just as bad!

So… nope!

I don’t recommend this book, especially for young readers. It’s not a good depression rep of depression. This book is about mean, abusive teenagers.

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