It’s a wrap! – May 2017 – Springgedon’s climax

When Mamita was born and I raised my hand and exclaimed…


Greetings from Springgedonland!, this little apocalyptic beast that WILL now for SURE survive Springgedon, salutes you! 🙂

This is what happened in May…


We went to Cape Code in a soooo overdue and soooo needed mini family vacation! I shared pictures and told everything in this post!


In May I started a new WIP and wrote about 7K words outlining this new work. And… the characters are so diverse! the story is so wondrous and terrifying! the settings are so exotic! and I’m so excited about it I can’t even!

[Drum roll… ]

Meet my favorite character so far…


She is fierce, and swears like a trooper…

She knows some ancient ways…

She has connections in the wrong side of reality…

You better don’t get on her bad side! 🙂

And in case you wonder, because I know you are as excited as I’m [or I hope so! 🙂 ]  What happened with my first WIP, Daughter of the Desert??? Oh… I’m still excited about it! In June I hope to add the final 20K to my first WIP and enter editland! 🙂

I’m #Blogging!

Because I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING I procrastinated like a pro beautifying my Pinterest account, managed to lose close to 100 followers in the process [because I’m a genius and deleted some boards! SMH!] BUT then I became a pinteresting beast and I managed to gain 100 gorgeous followers again! So, I’m at 500 + again!!!

BUT that means my account is a little bit of a mess again and in need of another Pinterest Makeover :). So I have an excuse to procrastinate forever. Ohhh I’m a genius! 🙂

Despite all this professional procrastination, somehow I managed to be a little blogging beast and posted sixteen beautiful posts!

I posted eight book reviews in May. Most of them awesome books, with the exception of The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas that was a bitter-sweet experience.

I celebrated Children’s Book Week with some wonderful Children’s Book reviews that were also beautifully Diverse, Own-Voices and touched on important Mental Health topics such as ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety.


Unfortunately I was extremely tired and only finished three books and two of them were really short! Man, I was a sorry excuse for a bookworm in May! LOL! BUT at least all three were really good! RTC soon!


And that’s it for now!

What about you? How was May for you?

How was your reading, writing and blogging?


Thank you for visiting!


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