Born This Way, S2 – I love them to pieces!

Because you cannot dream this!

I’m so in love with these guys I can’t even! I need to borrow some stars, sorry I’ll be back. OK, I’m back!

5,678 stars!

About the show

Born This Way is an American reality television series, Emmy Award winning series produced by Bunim-Murray Productions,  winner of the 2016 Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program.

Born This Way follows a group of seven young adults born with Down syndrome as they pursue their passions and lifelong dreams, explore friendships, romantic relationships and work, all while defying society’s expectations.

In their willingness and courage to openly share their lives, through a lens that is not often shown on television, we learn they have high hopes just like anyone else. The series also gives voice to the parents, allowing them to talk about the joy their son or daughter brings to their family, and the challenges they face in helping them live as independently as possible.

Genre   Reality series

Created by          Jonathan Murray

Directed by         Laura Korkoian

Composer(s)      Jeffrey Cain (Season 1) Eddie Grey

Executive producer(s):  Jonathan Murray, Laura Korkoian

Running time: 60 minutes per episode

Release December 8, 2015



I watched TV! In the middle of Springgedon! I was folding laundry and there it was in front on me… a TV! And I remembered how to use the remote and all!

And I bought this series!

This is the first time I EVER bought a TV series! This is big people I don’t even buy books for God’s sake!

I’m so into this series that it was like seen loved relatives you haven’t seen in years [The ones you like! 🙂 ]

My favorite quote…

You are pregnant you are excited my baby is gonna go to Harvard and be a doctor. You know, you have this dream And then you find out your baby has an intellectual disability and that dream is dashed but guess what they can be a different dream and you CANNOT dream this

So well said!

I don’t remember ever liking a reality show this much! EVER! I love the cast to pieces!


It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I HAD to pick three, I would have to start with Megan because she is an entrepreneur [like me!] and so driven and…

#GirlPower all the way!

Megan is a woman on a mission. Driven and ambitious, she has a self-imposed mandate to “save lives.”

Megan gained widespread notice after creating a video entitled, “Don’t Limit Me,” and now speaks at events around the country, spreading her message of inclusion and inspiration. She certainly doesn’t limit herself, as along with attending the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, she manages an ice dye clothing company called, “Megology.”

Her mother, Kris, is known as her “Dream Maker,” and the two are an inseparable pair. This summer represents a try out for Megan’s lifelong dream of living in Hollywood.


Then there is Cristina, because she is a dancer [like me] and her dad is from Spain [like my family!]! And she is wicked smart and driven too!

Cristina is a romantic. Her nearly five-year relationship with her boyfriend, Angel, is somewhat of a marvel among the cast.

Her close-knit family hails from Spain, and Cristina enjoys learning the language and cooking traditional Spanish meals. She fully plays the part of the big sister to her two younger brothers, always teasing them about dating and work.

Cristina always impresses her parents with her maturity and compassion and is the first to help someone in need. She hopes to continue to take her relationship to the next level and have an independent life with Angel.


And Sean! He just cracks me up with his  “I am ladies’ man”! Though this season he declared he is not anymore he is looking for a girlfriend to settle down! 🙂

Sean is a self-professed, “ladies’ man.” But beneath a seemingly singular focus on “babes” lies a multi-talented athlete and a caring friend.

Sean is the focus of three books written by his mother, Sandra, detailing Sean’s journey navigating the school system and beyond. Together with his father, Rick, Sean’s parents are devoted to helping him accomplish his goals.

With his parents downsizing and moving to a new home, Sean strives to gain greater independence and one day live on his own.



Or maybe the parents are my favorite! Hats off to all of them for advocating for their kids creating opportunities for them for a fulfilling life with great jobs, dating, marriage, and entrepreneurship!

When I see them talking about how they have overcome so many obstacles, it seems to me that it required deconstructing and analyzing the way we work as a society and how we relate to each other and then putting the pieces together in a totally different way! And that is not easy at all! I consider anything that requires understanding how human nature works extremely challenging maybe that’s way I find it so fascinating!  And this is not just about them and their parents as their parents, is also about their parents as individuals and the dreams they had for their kids and learning how to have different dreams and be a supportive parent for someone with mental disabilities.

What about you? Have you ever watch this show? What did you think?


Thank you for visiting!


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