#AmReading, #AmWriting and introducing a new section!

Summer is here!!

Many ocean scented hugs to you all, beautiful summery beasts!

[and If you live in the other hemisphere and it’s winter, then I triple the summery vibes just for you 🙂  and I’ll call you summery beasts anyway. 🙂 ]

Sorry for the looooong update, but I have LOTS to tell you 🙂


Wednesday was Summer Solstice, so Summer is officially on! We already went to the beach a couple of times, the stress of Springgedon is becoming a distant memory and I’m beast again in many ways!

I’m a slacking beast!

As it’s customary in Our Familiarium, for at least two weeks we’ll do NOTHING but have fun, relax and recharge. There will be no sports, no school work, only pool, beach, kayaking, parties, barbecues… And all the good stuff that happiness is made of!

During Springgedon, when I was too exhausted to read or write, I came up with SO MANY ways to Productively Procrastinate  that I decided to create a new section so I can share it ALL with you. Because 1) I AM A VERY NICE BEAST and 2) misery loves company, and I want you all to procrastinate with me 🙂 so here it is!

These are some of the topics you’ll see in this section…

  • Bookstagraming –  such a fun way to procrastinate, but also a HUGE mystery. I want to share everything about my theme changing to a lighter summery theme 😎🐠🌴🌊🏄🏼🏊🚣

  • Goodreads. When you can’t read, what do you do? You stalk other readers, dwell on your envy and sigh loudly “oh if only I could be a beautiful reading beast like them” 🙂 So, I drafted a few posts to share how I productively procrastinated in Goodreads.
  • Bullet Journaling [AKA BuJoing] is my favorite way to procrastinate now and I’m dying to talk about it! 😆
  • Scrivener. and Scribophile. When you cannot write, what a better way to procrastinate than organizing your WIP or getting critiqued? 😜😜

And because of all this procrastination, I’m not so stressed anymore, soooo…

I’m a reading beast again! 🙂 WHOHOOOOO!

I finished two books last week! The Female of the Species [AWESOME BOOK!] and Thirteen Reasons Why [NOT SO AWESOME, BUT DANGEROUS BOOK!!] and reading three more!

Next reviews

Since it’s summer we’ll give the heavy and dark Dystopian/Apocalyptic books a rest.  I have a few reviews coming up for more “lighter, summery” reads.

Even though there is a couple of Children and YA Contemporary books, and there is romance in almost all the rest of them… Fear not my beloved edgy, dark, apocalyptic beings! Because they are not cutesy “Romance Books”!

For example, The Siren is so dark, edgy, and sinful as hell that I’m not even sure yet if I’ll post the review here on the blog or on Goodreads or nowhere!

The rest are also dark and edgy!

So, no worries! We’ll keep this blog as is supposed to be.. Dark and Edgy 🙂

Or at least getting ready to do some serious writing again! 🙂

My plan was to add 20K words to Daughters of the Desert in June but that didn’t happen! 🙁

So when I was ready to do some serious sulking on this Sunday post, I got this beautiful email from Camp NaNoWriMo and the timing could not be better! 🙂

OH YEAH, I’m doing Camp NaNo again!


So I logged in my Camp NaNoWriMo account and set up my goal!

Let’s write the LAST 20K words and then… Off to editland!

When I logged back in my Camp NaNoWriMo account, I found this email that I got when I won Camp NaNoWriMo back in April it’s  such great advice! So I wanted to share it with you 🙂


Do not compare your work-in-progress to a published novel with a beautiful cover that is hanging out on the bookstore or library shelf. And definitely don’t compare your first draft to that novel. I’ve done this. My draft looked ugly and under-dressed next to the shiny new release on my nightstand.

Before my first novel BEAUTIFUL CREATURES was published, I had no idea how many times my co-author and I would re-write and revise the chapters. We couldn’t have imagined the amount of refining and polishing we would have to do after our editor gave us notes and line edits and the copy-editors checked the manuscript. Comparing your WIP to a published novel is like expecting cake batter to take like a frosted cake. Give yourself a break. Your batter will end up tasting like a cake, too. But you have to let it bake first.

Kami Garcia is the #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of the Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures novels. Kami’s solo novels include Unbreakable and Unmarked (The Legion Series), The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos, and The Lovely Reckless. Kami is a cofounder of YALLFEST and a member of the NaNoWriMo Writer’s Board. She was a teacher for seventeen years before coauthoring her first novel on a dare from her students.

What about you? How was your week?

Are you a reading beast? What is on your summer list?

Are you a blogging beast? How have you prepared for summer (or winter!)?

Do you blog ahead? Are you taking part in any challenges?

Are you a writing beast?

Have you also gotten discouraged when you compared you WIP with published books?


Thank you for visiting!


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