I’m #blogging – How to makeover a Pinterest account in four easy steps!

And why pinterest is the best way to procrastinate!

Hello beautiful reading, writing and blogging creatures,

Today I was hoping we could talk about our favorite ways to procrastinate. 😜

When you know you should be adding some words to your WIP or drafting and scheduling your next posts BUT YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO…  What do you do? 🤔

Last week I was exhausted because… Springgedon! And I decided the best way to procrastinate was…


When I disappear down the rabbit hole of my Bookstagram account to mindlessly slide, slide, slide my thumb liking posts.. for HOURS! I get a few new beautiful followers and books to add to my TBR. And that is Ah-AWESOME! 🎉🎈🎊


When I Pinterest, some really freakingly good things happen! I get inspired, advance my WIP or even come up with ideas for new WIPs. [oh I can’t wait to tell you about my new WIP!] 😬

That’s why I think that if you are a writer / blogger  the most productive way to procrastinate is to Pinterest! 😁

Recently I realized that different social medias are about different things [Man! I tell you, my Dory brain is just brilliant! 😊 ]. And that Pinterest and Bookstagram are about visual content  [Pffff! I’m a genius!😎 OMG. I bet my IQ is off the charts now!].

So I decided I wanted to make my Bookstagram and Pinterest accounts as visually pleasing as possible.

Back in January I learned that Bookstagram is mostly about Theme. You take good pics and keep a consistent theme [props, filter, colors, etc.], and BOOM! You got it! Or some of it at least. 😊

And, even though you can use it in so many different ways, because I use it to inspire my writing, to me the magic word for Pinterest is …



“Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty”



“A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art”

Hopefully I’ll get to share about my Bookstagram makeover soon, today I wanted to tell you about my Pinterest account’s makeover and how I did it in FOUR easy steps! [All this is still  work in progress because I can’t  stop adding more pins and creating new boards!]. It does sound a little like a Dystopian world with all the persecution, segregation and registration but it’s the only way to go!

    1. Board and pin mayhem and segregation. It’s all about “aesthetics”  right? So, first there has to be board mayhem. Any board that is not about beautiful images needs to go. Then, there is pin mayhem. Any pin that doesn’t go with the board theme [color, style, etc.] needs to go! Even if it’s  beautiful. No mercy! Total segregation! Blue pins with blue pins, green with green! WARNING. I realized after deleting a few boards that I lost the followers too! [It is NOT easy  to be smart all the time people! It is NOT!]. So, I was very sad for a while but, my “less followed” account is, at least, much prettier [the things we do for beauty, huh? :)] At least 99% of my Pinterest  account is “aesthetic” now. All informational boards are secret with the exception of my “Writing” board. And this “pin apocalypse” will only get worse! There will be an ultimate cleansing, where all only a few chosen or “Originals” pins will remain, AKA pins created by ME the almighty Goddess of my Pinterest World. But we are not there YET!
    2. Pin and board naming . All boards that survived need to be properly named using a consistent coding or convention . Because my Pinterest account is mostly about Creative Writing I went with {ch} for “character”, {set}  for “settings”, {st} for “stories”, {obj} for objects, etc, etc. If your Pinterest account is about books then you may want to use genres or authors. The important thing about naming is to be consistent! [you’ll see why in the next step]. E.g. Use {horror} for all your horror books. Pin naming and description is also important but since I have SO MANY pins right now, makeover their descriptions is going to take me a while! At least try to leave the description blank for now.
    3. Board sorting. Boards are not allowed to disgustingly mingle with each other as they love to do! In this dystopian world they are to be grouped and sorted! E.g All your horror books together and then alphabetically. You can go insane and spend DAYS doing dragging each board [like I did 😫] or be a super high IQ creature like I’m sometimes, and google “how to sort Pinterest boards” and find this AH-AWESOME tool called Pinterest Sort in Chrome Store! 🙂 This is why the consistent naming is so important because when you use this tool to sort them alphabetically, as they get sorted they get grouped too!  IMPORTANT: every time you add a new board you gotta sort your account!
    4. Favorite boards indexing and featuring. I have a weakness for sliders, so I was thrilled when a few months ago Pinterest added a slider to the user profile. I spent a ridiculous amount of time creating “Index Boards”  to showcase in this slideshow. BUT I LOVE THEM TO PIECES! If you go to your Pinterest profile you’ll find it right under your website and before the notifications.

I love my  OH-SO organized and aesthetic Pinterest World so much now that I can’t even!

I love it so much that I can’t stay way from it now. After pinteresting non-stop for a few days I gained a few new followers 🙂 So we may be onto something beautiful here 🙂 besides just flatlined-pinning beautiful images. 🙂

This is how my Pinterest slider looks. Right now it features stories, characters, setting and art “Indexes Boards”. When you click on a slide it takes you to that index board where each pin takes you to a story, character, setting or board.

[Sorry. I need a minute. I think I’m gonna cry now]



I created a Gallery page [main menu] to showcase my new art boards 🙂

I Hope you visit Pinterest World and my Gallery page and let me know what you thing. 🙂

Net week I hope to share with you more specifically how creating character and story boards help my writing. 🙂

 What about you? What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

Do you Bookstagram? Pinterest? Both? Any tips you want to share?



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