#WritersLife – Who likes to be criticized?

Help! I’m terrified!

Hello my beloved fellow reading, writing and blogging beasts, [and all other beast of this beastiverse],

So I have these karma points in Scribophile, which I can use to post a work for critique [up to 3000 words]…


Do you see that that bundle of fluttering wings, curled in the corner, trembling?

That’s terrified MOI! 😩

So, today I’m just going to share my chaotic, terrified thoughts with you, hoping you can help me.

[Or at least walk to the corner and slap me like the do in movies to hysterical people] 😬

  • Have you submitted your work to be criticized?
  • Where? How did it go???
  • How on earth did you gather the courage to do it? 😳
  • What if my very fragile writing beast’s ego doesn’t survive the experience and I never want to write again??? 😫
  • Is this hyper-dramatic post a sign that I’m not ready for this? Is there a way to know when you are ready? 🤔
  • So let’s say I do it… How do I make this horrifying experience less traumatic? [in a way that doesn’t involve Xanax 😁]
  • Should I go for the throat and I post a excerpt of my WIP???? My little baby that I have been cradling for more than three years now??? 😳 Pros… I to see what people think of my story and my writing. Cons… SPOILERS and… What if I get so demotivated that I don’t want to finish my WIP??? 😩
  • Should I instead post something else like…
    • A short story [which I would have to write] just to see how I react to the critiques or…
    • Should I post a draft post from my blog?? [bloggers post their drafts in Scribophile for critique]. What if never want to blog again after the feedback???

If you want to learn more about Scribophile, read Julia Satu‘s post “How Scribophile can help your manuscript“. I found it very helpful. I asked Julia and she said… “Just go for the WIP! Everyone is very nice on the site. You cannot lose.”

Thank you for visiting and for all your comments! And for slapping me if you did! 🙂


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