#AmWriting, #AmReading and terrified of Scribophile!

And, I’ll brave the critiques!

Hello my dearest fellow apocalyptic beings!

Here we are in the apex of the Springgedon craziness! So, a very fast update! 🙂


Continues to be mostly about #soccer. This is Grasshopper refereeing. 🙂

We did find the time to have a nice barbecue, kayak in our little pond and go biking . Also a big branch fell in our pond and now turtles come to sunbathe there. 🙂


I was NOT so much of a writing beast last week BUT I do  have some great news!


I bet you already knew about it BUT…  That’s the thing about being like Dory! I get to discover new things that everyone already know. 🙂 Things that have been around like, forever maybe?

Look! A shiny object! 🙂

The Camp NaNoWriMo Winner goodies were 50% off on Scrivener writing software  [which I bought! Whohooo! 🙂 ] and 30% off on Scribophile Premium membership, which is…

…One of the largest and most active writing groups online, an online writing group for writers who are serious about improving their craft.
Here you can:

• Post your writing to get detailed, insightful feedback from other writers on how to improve it;
• Chat and discuss with other writers from around the world in our busy writing forums;
• Network with like-minded writers in our special-purpose writing groups;
• Enter free writing contests to win great prizes;
• And educate yourself on the finer points of the craft of writing in our writing academy and writing blog.

We’re all here to learn, and we welcome writers of all skill levels and walks of life. Don’t be shy—Scribophile will be the best thing that ever happened to your writing!

You give other writers feedback and accumulate karma points that you can use to post your writing and get feedback. AWESOME right?

I haven’t bought it yet but I did open a free account. 🙂 AND last week I accumulated enough karma points to post something and this would be the first time I share my writing EVER…


Not sure how it works yet. I’ll tell you more soon 🙂


I was so NOT a reading beast last week! I didn’t finish any books. Let’s Pretend this Never Happened and A Wrinkle in Time  were both DNFs. RTC soon.

Reading now…

What about you? How was your week?
What did you read? What are you reading next?
Have you use Scribophile? What did you think of it?

Thank you for visiting!


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