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 When sun turtles went evil and I outlined my second WIP!

Hello my dearest reading, writing and blogging beasts!

Another Springgedon update…


Today’s is Butterfly’s First Communion!

And after that we are heading to Cape Codder Resort & Spa, for two days! Whohoooo! We all need this mini vacation SO BADLY!

We hope the promise “with so much right here… you may never want to leave!” is delivered 🙂 and to have great #wanderlust tales and pics to share when we come back! 🙂

And.. Remember the turtle from our little pond? So I have an update… Grasshopper made “turtle hunting” his new hobby. He didn’t stop until he finally captured one.

And this scene unfolded shortly after…

My Spawns: Look mom! The turtle is opening its mouth! It must be hungry. We are gonna feed it
Moi: Don’t try to feed the turtle! It’s gonna bite u!
My Spawns: Mom, this is not a snapping turtle! It’s a sun turtle 🐢 sun turtles don’t bite!

A few seconds later…

I posted these pics on our family Facebook account and, of course, everyone freaked out and googled all the possible dangers of a sun turtle’s bite! There is plenty to worry when you google it, from bacterial infectious to tetanus, so we called her pediatrician who said that what we had done [clean and disinfect the wound, use antibacterial ointment, band-aid it, etc] was enough and just to keep an eye on it. She is fine BUT… The take away, though…




Ok. I know it’s crazy to start a new WIP when I haven’t finish my first one, but… I couldn’t help it. Inspiration struck, or more like smacked me hard in the face, while Productively Procrastinating [AKA Pinteresting] last week and I outlined the first book of a new trilogy! It have about 5K words of a totally bewitching outlining and I’m hopelessly in love with it. 🙂

I have tenderly cradled my first WIP, “Daughters of the Desert”, for about three years now and I never thought I could love another creature that much. But I guess this is just like parenting. You can indeed love more than one creature! So I’m thrilled that I can have as many darling WIPs as I want! I’m very hopeful that, like same way that parenting Butterfly is always easier than Grasshopper [because is the second time around], this new WIP will be much easier to write!.

I DO FEEL I’m a less of an inexperienced writer now 🙂

The fact that I resisted the temptation of pantsing the scenes that came to my mind and I outlined I instead, says a lot about how much I learned in these three years of Writing and Blogging. 🙂

I also totally productively procrastinated once more last week!

Since I can’t read, I binge watched Games of Thrones [just in case you are a clueless creature like me, Games of Thrones is only the absolute BEST TV Show in the history of EVER!], and I’m drafting a couple of posts about everything I have learned about storytelling and characterization watching it. I hope we can talk about it soon! 🙂

In the meantime… If you haven’t watched this series… S1 through S6 are available in HBO. Here S1 trailer… Enjoy!


Not much!

I’m definitely deep in my “oh-so-predictable” Springgedon reading slump now! Soooo… Three very hyped books that I was hoping to love joined the ranks of my “Abandoned” GR shelf last week.

Just in case you haven’t noticed… I love Teens & YA Books! BUT, YA first person POV is not my favorite! Spending over 350 pages totally immersed in high school cliques drama is SO NOT my favorite hobby, even if they are beautifully diverse books as Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before are.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is SO GOOD too! But 40% in and STILL nothing really has happened. It’s all about world-building and characterization and I need a strong plot to keep me interested when I’m in a reading slump.

BUT I will all three books another try when I’m reading beast again, which will probably be in the summer.

I’m still trying to read, though! So this week…


Never Never and Fairest. Man, I tell you, CoHo and Mayer… These ladies can write! I can ALMOST ALWAYS read them. 🙂 So crossing my fingers!

Get It Together, Delilah! and Definitions of Indefinable Things are two pending ARCs that I hope I can read! Definitions of Indefinable Things is a YA Book about depression, and you probably know how much I love books about Mental Health BUT… again! YA first person POV! And the MC is VERY VERY sarcastic, pessimistic and snarky [which are common traits among depressed people] and I’m not sure how much of that I can take!

Unfortunately And The Trees Crept In looks like it will be another DNF. 🙁

I’m #Blogging too!

I had a few reviews drafted but I didn’t have the time to schedule them so I only posted one review last week. If you haven’t yet, you gotta check my reviews of Winter the perfect end to an AH-MAZING Fantasy/Sci-fi series [The Lunar Chronicles]






What about you? How was your week?
How did you Productively Procrastinated??

What did you watch? What did you write?

What did you read? What are you reading next?


Thank you for visiting!


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36 thoughts on “#AmReading [not much] BUT #amWriting AND Productively Procrastinating!

  • Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Yay vacation! That resort looks awesome! But oh no, that’s crazy about the turtle! Hopefully she’ll be fine since you did all you could for the bite. And ooh another WIP? I seem to just be collecting WIP ideas and never writing any of them lol.Have a wonderful time at the resort 🙂

  • chucklesthescot

    I’ll be watching the end of GoT season three tonight just for fun and I’m so looking forward to it! I just finished reading the first book last night so I’m kind of going between book and TV series at the moment! When I read the second book I need to do it quicker than a week like the first one or my GR challenge will fall apart! So I might have to read a few other books just to get things moving faster before I start the second GoT book. As I’m in a GoT mood I might even do TWO Westeros posts this week!

  • Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    Enjoy your mini vacation. So good to make time for some family fun. And that looks like a fantastic resort. The story of the turtle is great! I never tried to catch one when I was a child, but I can see the attraction. I hope the bite heals well.

    Wow! I’m impressed you got so much done on your new WIP. I hope you continue to love it. And I hope you find some really fun books to read to get out of your slump.

  • Michelle @Because Reading

    That vacation spot looks AMAZING! Can I come too? 😉
    I loved And the Trees Crept In, it’s really weird but the end packs a huge twist that knocked me out. Its funny how some people like some things and others don’t it’s so interesting lol

    My uncle brought us a snapping turtle once, I didn’t touch it because I knew what it was, he was showing us before he brought it to the park. He had found it on the street wondering. He knew I loved animals so he brought it buy for me to see it. It had a snappy mouth. Mom’s always know best but kids don’t get it, yet! 🙂 lol

    Have a great week!

  • Samantha

    Oh my gosh that resort looks amazing!! I hope you have a wonderful time. Sorry about the turtle bite, but now, every time they do anything, you can remind them of the time you were right and they were wrong 🙂
    I think I might be the only person left who has never seen Game of Thrones…

  • Evelina

    Yay for spas! I am so jealous I can’t even 😀 I should also get out for something like that. It would be so great and relaxing. AND THINK OF THE READING. No, I don’t want to pay all that money to go somewhere else and READ like I do at home 😀 I didn’t just say that. I’m still sane. (screaming far off in the background)

    I was gonna say, he should protect his fingers, cause turtles DO bite. And then your next picture 😀 well, at least now he’ll know they do 😀

    And I’m glad about your WIP 🙂

    Whaaaat D: you didn’t like A Long Way? ;_; but.. it was so good ;_; why do you hurt me so ;_; 😀

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      oh I never get ANY reading done when go on a family vacation! It’s all about having fun with the kids so as soon as I sit to read they come back to get me in the water 🙂

      I would NEVER hurt you! I just put it aside until the slump is over. When is over I’ll read that one first! In your honor 🙂

  • Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Mothers do ten to know best. I think turtles are super cool and when I was young, my uncle raised snapping turtles for some reason and I recall being super scared of them. I love the huge sea turtles the best. I hope you enjoy your mini-vacation, it sounds like you deserve it. Good luck on your writing and remember I get to read and review your arcs when you become famous 🙂

  • Greg

    Hey congrats on the first communion! How nice. And that resort looks pretty nice. Hope you guys have a great time!!

    I love turtles but yeah I imagine they bite! Glad it wasn’t too bad. Once up north on vacation there was a HUGE snapping turtle crossing the road, and I got out to kinda shoo him along and he did that hissing thing and took his own sweet time! I gave him lots of room, I wasn’t going to mess with him lol!

    Glad you’re enjoying Game of Thrones. And Small Planet is very much character driven and you’re right, not a LOT happens… I hope you enjoy it when you get back to it!

  • Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    The resort looks fabulous… hope it delivers exactly what you want!
    I think I clutched my heart when I saw you’d set Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda aside. I’m rather… uh, zealous… when it comes to that book. LOL I recently finished my 4th listen and it never gets old.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Jane @ Raincity Librarian

    I have soooo many WIPs sitting all (virtually) dusty on my computer at the moment – I’m the worst for getting a shiny new idea, writing a rough draft, and then getting distracted by another shiny new idea. And I don’t even try to write novels. I write picture books. And I still get distracted… 😉

  • Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    Okay, I’m totally actively avoiding your Winter review because….. I still need to review Scarlet and then I need to buddy ready Cress with my lovely buddy reading friend…. But commitments! Oh man! We both have them and….. Ugh. We’ll get there!

    The turtle! OMG! Mommy really does know best, but seriously!? It actually bit! Who would have known. 🙁

    And you’re going WHERE?! that looks AMAZING!!! need all the pics and all the updates. I hope you have the best time and I can’t wait to hear the stories. (I’m almost positive you’re back already but you know where I’m coming from, right?)

    Oh! And also yay for the new WIP! That’s great news! You know, I often think I’d wrote of I could be inspired… But then the inspiration never hits. I guess some of us are just meant to be readers!

    Thrilled to finally feel somewhat caught up on your side although there’s still a few posts I haven’t managed to comment on yet. Can’t wait to actually be back on top of life!

    Oh! Oh! GOT! YES! WE’RE DOING THIS! I think I need to rewatch the whole thing… Or maybe the last season in prep for July…. Eeeeeeeeee! Then I’ll do a whole series rewatch for the next (and final?) season.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      oh I can wait to read your reviews of the Lunar Chronicles!!! I hope I have time this weekend to draft the post about our travel. It was great! Glad to hear you are catching up OH MY GOD you are one popular girl-blogger it may take you a while to respond to all of us your fans. I’m glad you visit! just in case you get tired LOL O…. myyyyyyyy GAMES OF THRONES!!! I’m gonna DIE in July I’m gonna!!!

      • Di @ Book Reviews by Di

        Sheesh, just reading back over my horribly autocorrected comment. I’m glad you seemed to understand it! That is what HAPPENS when you do bloggish stuff off your phone… That and often sites aren’t optimised for mobile browsing!

        Okay, so I’ve checked out your Pinterest, made myself a brand new account for my Blog because actually, who wants to see all my recipes and stuff that I pin for myself?? And then! I followed you. I absolutely have done nothing else yet. Not one single pin… I guess I’ll get there soon enough! 😀

        • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

          haha! No worries. My last comment on your blog was waaaay worse! LOL That’s exactly how i felt about my pinterest! BUT I was thinking about my writing. Like.. I’m trying to write a fantasy book and all I do is crave the cakes I pinned! LOL! BUT NOOOOOOW you are making me think again.. I need one JUST for blogging stuff! LOL How many pinterest account can one handle.. I wonder 😉

  • Geybie's Book Blog

    Oh wow, you mini vacation is HEAVEN. The pool is gorgeous. Glad that you and your family enjoyed it. Wow, you’re starting a new book. Looking forward to your old and new ones. Sorry to hear about your daughte. How’s she now? I hope nothing serious would happen.

  • Lola

    That resort looks awesome, I hope you had a great mini vacation. And I guess your kid at least learned now not to feed turtles after that incident. I am glad to hear she’s okay! Good luck with your new WIP! That’s awesome inspiration hit you like that and you outlined it already.

  • Cee Arr

    General advice for animal bites/scratches: keep it clean. Use witch hazel gel. Unless you need stitches, don’t worry about it unless it starts to look infected. BUT if it’s from ANY type of rodent, or from a bat, you need a tetanus shot. No arguing. You need one.

    (And obv. if it’s from something venomous, then you’re gonna wanna get that looked at!)

    Turtle? Dude, I’ve never been bitten by a turtle (they aren’t native to the UK!) but unless it starts to look/smell funny, you’re ok.

    (And maybe explain to your kids that turtles don’t like being hunted? It probably thought it was gonna get eaten!)

    And in no way am I showing myself to be total country folk by immediately jumping onto the topic of animal bites shifty glances 😉

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      I was tron between letting the kids have fun with the turtle and standing up for all turtles rights to not be disturbed 🙂 you are right! rabies and tetanus are no joke! I TOTALLY love country folks! There are quite a few in our familiarium! So I’m glad you showed yourself to be one Cee 🙂