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 First Communion, First Manicure, First Brazilian Grill!

Hello my dearest apocalyptic beasts!

Another Springgedon update…


Last Sunday, after Butterfly’s First Communion, we went to Cape Cod. We stayed two nights at Cape Codder Resort & Spa, and we had a blast. It was a weekend of “firsts”. Besides her first communion, it was Butterfly’s first time in a spa, where she got her first manicure. It was also the first time the Spawns went to a Brazilian Grill [where you can eat ALL the meat you want!]. I hope to tell you all about it new week. A sneak peek…



I added about 2K words to my new WIP. Because.. Man! I can’t stop thinking about it! 🙂 I hope I can stop obsessing about it and finish the first WIP, which I was supposed to finish in May and I didn’t! I also pinterested so much managed to mess up my recently beautified Pinterest account again. BUT I have a bunch of new beautiful followers! 🙂


Still, not much! Still in my Springgedon reading slump! But I DID finish ONE audio book… Never Never ! It was a big surprised! Very different. RTC soon! AND… I keep trying…

Reading Now

Pretty much the same as last week. I had to put Fairest aside too 🙁 BUT I started These Broken Stars a hyped Sci-Fi and freebie I forgot I had and Six Months, a PNR because that’s my “to go genre” when I’m in a slump. 🙂 Bring on all the shirtless heroes! 🙂

Definitions of Indefinable Things UGH!!! OH LORD! It’s getting me so upset!. The most unlikable MC character I have read in a while! I want to finish it JUST so I can review it and tell you all I think about it!  And The Trees Crept In is still there! I don’t want to give up on it yet. 🙂

Reading Next Hardcovers and eBooks

I’m going to try to finish some series [Red Rising, Dust LandsNever Never and Mara Dyer] and catch up with some pending ARCs [Wolf Road, Salt Houses and God-Shaped Hole]

Reading Next Audio Books

Next Reviews

As promised, June will be mostly about Dystopian/Apocalyptic books. I hope you enjoyed my review of Blood Red Road, which is my all-time favorite Dystopian/Apocalyptic. Late June the reviews will be phasing into some Romance and PNR for the summer! Because summer is all about being shirtless, right! 🙂 You don’t read romance?? [me neither HA! what a fake I am!]. Don’t you worry my romance allergic apocalyptic beasts! As you can see I will still mix it up with other genres…

What about you? How was your week?

 What did you write?

What did you read? What are you reading next?


Thank you for visiting!


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