It’s a wrap! – March 2017

March was awesome!

Hello my dearest apocalyptic beings! let’s wrap March up, shall we? March was awesome! Because….

Family Life

Has been VERY Low key, even though Springgedon is Here, because…

I have EVERYTHING under control 😎

Reading Hyperbole and a Half and learned that the laws of reality can be bent, if not broken. Like if you are exhausted after working a full time job and then chauffeuring your kids all afternoon AND DANGEROUSLY falling as asleep while driving in the highway… Exhaustion can be fooled with several cases of iced lemon tea 🙂 Which seems to be even more effective than coffee! So everyone is still being chauffeured everywhere SAFELY because mom is hypercaffeinated and is super alert. 😎

We haven’t watched much TV but we did watched two movies, which I reviewed here on the blog.



TONS because… Of a funeral and some necessary disciplinary actions.

Messy plot board… RIP

It passed away of old age and because its time had come. It served a very important purpose. It gave sheltered to ALL my ideas when they didn’t have a home. It will be forever remembered. ❤

LOTSA of little subplots [green dots in my messy plot sticky notes above] were disciplined and put in their place! The process was hard. The little subplots wailed, screamed and threw tantrums. It was painful for me too. I love them all deeply so I wanted to keep them ALL as plots. But nope, they are what they are: little subplots. Interesting, necessary but subplots and they are subordinate to their parents now.

The world’s fate has been decided. Total mayhem is going to happen: Genetic experiments, pandemic, famine… EVERYTHING will be destroyed. Now it comes the easy part: To write it ALL.

I mean… How hard can it be???? It’s just a matter of being a genius Dystopian/Apocalyptic writer like Moira Young [Dust Lands] with a voice as powerful as Pierce Brown [Red Rising], with the storytelling skills of Susan Beth Pfeffer [Life as We Knew It] or Rick Yancey [The 5th Wave] while building a world as vast and extraordinary as the worlds they created and describing it with the phenomenal imagery of Laini Taylor [Daughter of Smoke and Bone] or Susan Ee [Angelfall]

Easy! HA!

I’m such a delusional apocalyptic being 🤣

I’m like 60% happy with the plot as it is now, hoping to achieve at least 80% of contentment during Canp NANoWriMo and 95% in editland. I know I will never be 100% content and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been working on my WIP for years now! 😒 Rookie writer mistake # 1: Work on that first chapter, until it’s perfect! 🤦‍♀️  🙄


Tons too!

I read eighteen book sin March!


Look at my Goodreads reading challenge! It says I am SEVEN books ahead of scheduled! WOW! I continue to be a beast! 😎

I tell you a secret now. Children books do MAGIC for your Goodreads reading challenge. Ha! 😬

BUT that ain’t the reason I read them! NO! what kinda bookworm would I be if I read children books ONLY to get ahead in my Goodreads challenge??? [um… the kinda I am? 😜]
I read all those children books because Children’s Book Week is May 1-7 so I wanted to post a few children book reviews in April if anyone needed some ideas to what to read with their children during this week.




Reading Now

Reading Next Hardcover

Reading Next eARCs

Next Audio Books

Pending ARCs


How about you? How was March for you?

Thank you for visiting!


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