It’s a wrap! – April 2017 – When I won Camp NaNoWriMo [Again!]

I’m a !

Greetings from Springgedonland!, this little apocalyptic beast salutes you 🙂


I’m so happy I can’t even! I’m a !

And I finished it in three weeks! I finished LAST SUNDAY!

[pats herself in the back].

I added 20,095  beautiful words to my  WIP. So, last week I took a break Monday-Wednesday  to catch up with my blogging and reading and then Thursday-Saturday I tried to organized everything I wrote into the main outline.


And, man, trying to organize what you write in a Camp Nano frenzy is like trying to glue together glass that shattered in million pieces! IF you manage to figure out where the pieces fit together, you are always missing minuscule pieces and there are always gaps!

Those gaps is what I’ll try to fill in May.

So, I’m hoping to stay in “writing beast mode” for thirty more days so I can fill those gaps and  earn my ticket to the beautiful promised  land of…


I’m #Blogging!

Some how I managed to still be a little blogging beast and posted fifteen beautiful posts!

I posted eight book reviews in April. Most of them awesome books, with the exception of Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories About Mental Illness, which I wish I had never read because I found it incredibly offensive.

These are the reviews coming up in May. Same as last week, for this week I have a few wonderful Children’s Book reviews scheduled to celebrate Children’s Book Week. Most of these books are of Multicultural Interest, Own-Voices or diverse and touch on important Mental Health topics such as ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety. Don’t miss these reviews! Maybe you can help me promote Diverse and Mental Health books for kids. 🙂

Then the rest of May you’ll see two more WWII & Holocaust books the Boy in the stripped Pajamas and Hedy’s Journey, two of my all-time favorite Dystopian/Apocalyptic books Blood Red Road and The 5th Wave.

In May I’m also participating in Kim’s Clean Sweep ARC Challenge hoping to get through as many as these pending ARCs as possible!

I’m hoping for at least these six…


In April I also managed to stay a special kinda reading beast and read ELEVEN books! Which were all great! My favorite were The Hate U Give, Winter and Like Water for Chocolate.

Reading Now


Next Hardcovers

Next Audio Books

What about you? How was your April?

How was your reading, writing and blogging?

Thank you for visiting!


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