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New England Revolution Academy, here we come!

Greetings from Springgedonland! This apocalyptic reading, writing and blogging beast salutes you!

LIFE IS CRAAAAZYYYY! BUT HERE I AM! I[I can’t believe but I’m posting! YAAAAY!]

Family Life

Continues to be all about soccer. Butterfly and Grasshopper’s were at a half-day soccer camp during the spring break. And Friday….



Grasshopper was invited to a training with the New England Revolution academy!

The New England Revolution is an American professional soccer club based in the Greater Boston area that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS), in the Eastern Conference of the league. It is one of the ten charter clubs of MLS!

This is the invitation…


So even if it doesn’t go beyond this one training…

I think it’s pretty cool they noticed Grasshopper!

Because of the school break, last week was craaaaazier than usual so I didn’t read, write or blog as much as I wanted to. AND NO YOGA FOR ME NEITHER! This has to stop. I WANT MY YOGAAAAA! Humph!

I did not post about my beautiful yoga temple last week but I WILL tomorrow. Another sneak peek…

Ok… So, no yoga.. BUT STILL I’m amazed with myself. [not a lot of modesty here, but when you are a Springgedon survivor you pat yourself in the back people!] I even watched one episode of a new  TV show and one movie! I watched Unplugged Nation, which is like this perfect Bunkerized Chicken Coop TV Show! and watched Split and even though I didn’t pay much attention because I was writing this post, I did like it a lot. It was very creepy, suspenseful and the acting really, really good.

So, let’s unplug, go live off the grid and survive the Z apocalypse

and multiple personalities psycho killers!


So far I have written 17.6 K wonderful words for my Camp NaNoWriMo project, that means only 2.4K more to go! According to my statistics I should be done by the 26th!

These are the board that inspired these 17.6K words these last three weeks…

Week 1 – The Originals

Week 2 – The Daughters of the Desert

Week 3 – Captive Essence


I’m hoping this board will inspire the last 2.4K words to win Camp NaNoWriMo…

Week 4 – Global Armies

And and hoping this board will inspire the last 20K words I’m hoping to write in May…

May – The Dark Days

I’m also pretty sure I finally made up my mind about the genre of my trilogy! I want the genre to be somewhere in that grey area between Magical Realism  and Fantasy, more specifically dark fantasy, So my book will be a fantastic dark magical realism book [HA! That DOES sound freaking AWESOME!].

So I added some Magical Realism to my TBR because I want to stay ON TRACK. Humph! I want to quiet the Voices in my Head!

AND I want to write better imagery and descriptions. Because this crazy brain of mine has NO problem whatsoever coming up with fantastic, magical tales. NOPE. I’m borderline crazy imaginative BUT it’s the descriptions that kill me because my crazy Dory brain doesn’t pay much attention to details. In case you are not familiar, this is the definition of Magical Realism from Goodreads…

Expresses a primarily realistic view of the real world while also adding or revealing magical or supernatural elements presented in an otherwise real-world or mundane setting. It is sometimes called fabulism, in reference to the conventions of fables, myths, and allegory.


I’m still a reading beast who is EIGHT books ahead in her Goodreads reading challenge! A cheating reading beast that read a few short books BUT STILL!. This is Springgedon people! The normal rules don’t apply. Remember the saying? “All is Fair in Love , War AND Springgedon”???


Reading Now

I’m reading THREE Magical Realism, books and by Isabel Allende, Neil Gaiman and Laini Taylor and… Boy, these power houses DO WRITE beautiful things! I definitely want to be like them when I grow up 🙂

Reading Next Magical Realism

Next Audio Books

Next Hardcovers

Pending ARCs

Next Reviews

What about you? How was your week?

How is your life? How is your reading, writing and blogging?

Thank you for visiting!


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42 thoughts on “#AmReading #AmWriting & a #proud[soccer]mom!

  • Greg

    Hey congrats on the academy invite! That must be exciting. 🙂 Nice that she was recognized like that. And nice inspiration art- I can see where some of those images would help. I like the Dark Days quite a bit…

    You’ve got lots to read! I’m sure Small Angry Planet and Certain Dark Things will be amazing on audio.

    Every Heart A Doorway and Follow Me Back are two that have caught my eye too.

  • Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Congrats to the little one on the soccer invite! That’s pretty huge! Hope it is a fantastic experience. Loving your inspiration boards! They have me so intrigued. 🙂 Kudos on being ahead in your GR challenge! I’m about 12 books ahead myself and it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see what you think of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda! I ADORE that book. I’m actually on my 4th listen right now. Every month or so I get the itch to experience it again and it just never gets old. It became an instant favorite from my very first listen. I think I’m a little in love with Michael Crouch’s voice. 🙂

  • Geybie's Book Blog

    Wow.. you’re incredible. 8 books ahead is CRAZY. Do you even sleep? 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    I CANT WAIT to read your dark fantasy trilogy. This baby blogger is ready to support you! ❤️
    Have a wonderful week. Enjoy your reads. Happy reading. 😁

  • chucklesthescot

    I need to get some reading done but I have become insanely addicted to Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and have spent two days binge watching season one! Tonight I go to season two…You’re doing well with your writing…you go girl!

  • Michelle @Because Reading

    Congrats on the invite! That sounds like an awesome experience! I am all in with a dark fantasy trilogy. That sounds fantastic and I love your boards! I have been wanting to try writing an MG never thought of doing inspiration boards so thanks for the idea!

    I hope you have a great week, “Dragonfly”! Happy Reading! ox

  • Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    WOW Grasshopper! That’s AWESOME! What an incredible experience 🙂

    Your Yoga looks super cool. I think I need to try some basic stuff at home and see how I go! We don’t have Yoga offered near us so I will just have to do what I can!

    Your writing sounds like it’s going really well! I love your chosen genre at the moment and I’m glad you’re identifying areas that you know you need to work on.

    I’m currently SEVEN BOOKS BEHIND on my goals. Sheesh. I need to go and read some short books! Or start counting the children’s books. Ha ha.

    I see you’re onto Strange the Dreamer!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEE!!! I hope you love it.

    I need to read The Night Circus one day and I’ve never heard of that Stiefvater although I haven’t read ANYTHING by her yet either #thingsIneedtoremedy

    Your ARC pile always gives me the jitters. 😀

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      I sometimes do yoga at home too but Ilove to do it at this place much more 🙂
      [read some children book and cheat on your GR, D! 😀 ]
      OMG Strage the Dreamer… that audio book has a damaged file and I haven’t been able to start it I WANT TO CRAWL ON THE WALLS!
      I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF THAT Stiefvater! haha! Love it! Why? Because everyone loves her books and I don’t! I can’t get through her writing style! This would be probably my last try. I love that you made me feel less of a weird creature 🙂

  • Casey @ She's All Booked

    You have so many amazing books on your list! I’m currently reading Strange the Dreamer too. Jenny Lawson’s book is one of my all-time favorites – it’s hysterical. I recommend *not* reading it somewhere quiet, because you’ll be laughing way too hard!!

  • Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Awesome post. Congrats to your daughter! You have every right to be proud and tell her that people out here in blogging land are proud of her too. When you are finished with your book and all famous and everything, remember I want to review it for The Farm 🙂 I love the boards you posted and can’t wait to learn more about the planned trilogy. Lots of good books coming up and some great ones already read. Can’t wait to see what you thought of “Every Heart a Doorway.” I loved it and had an ARC of the sequel and loved it just as much too. I also am anxious to see you review of “Carve the Mark.” I’ve heard the book has some controversy? I am out of the loop though because I’m not sure what the controversy is about.

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      Awww thanks Barb! It was my son, I’ll let him know. He’ll be so happy to hear that! 🙂
      AWWWWW YOU ARE SO SWEET! When I have an ARC ready if you like the blurb and all of course I’d feel very honored if you read it!!!
      oh. Every Heart a Doorway was a DNF at 60% or so 🙁 Sorry. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood? I may give it another try soon.
      I don’t have Carve the Mark 🙂 Maybe The Night Mark? 🙂 I have heard the controversy too! Some people think it’s racist 🙁

      • Barb (boxermommyreads)

        That’s it – I’m so getting those two books mixed up – the covers feature the same colors. So another rare book we disagree on. I’m not sure why I loved “Evert Heart a Doorway” so much but I did. So is your son going to be a famous soccer player someday. I want to watch him on TV and say “Hey, I know that kid’s mom!”

  • Sarah @ PussReboots

    Congrats on the soccer camp news.

    Here I’m slowly but surely putting the majority of our home library into boxes to go into storage. We have some repairs that need doing that can’t get done until we can get the bookcases out of the way. It was a busy week of reading, Girl Scouts, the Mandarin Showcase, and boxing up books. Come see what I’m reading.

  • Donna

    wow 8 books ahead. Go you! I’m finally caught up, barely, with my reading challenge, but this is the time of year my reading usually go into high gear with a slump in the summer (pools and books don’t mix well) and then I burn through books between Thanksgiving and Christmas (usually short books). Happy Reading!

  • Jane - Raincity Librarian

    Phew! I feel like I need to take a breather just reading about your busy spring!! I love the idea of dark magic realism, and I love the inspiration boards!! I commend on you on being able to get any writing or blogging done at all, amidst everything else. 🙂

  • Amanda @ To Read or Not To Read?

    OMGosh, Dragonfly, your schedule is absolutely insane! Congrats on your writing progress and identifying your genre. ^_^ Magic realism is a pretty fun one; The Night Circus is probably my absolute favorite. Coraline is also really good. Hope you enjoy them!

    Congrats to Grasshopper on the invite! That is super impressive!

    Each week of your inspiration boards are so varied. It must be a fun story to write!

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      omg I’m so happy to see your comment Amanda! You are so sweet to keep trying even though my stupid blog gave you grief. 🙁
      Thanks! Even though I’m loving Magical Realism I’m doubting my choice again LOL! Yup That’s me 🙂 I will be reading The Night Circus next! [I’m terrified of circus so it’ll be more like horror for me] 🙂

  • MarthaE

    Justifiably proud mom. Congrats on the soccer recognition/academy.
    Wonderful board art. Hope it inspires you as desired.
    So many good books shown. I am off to check a couple of the audios.
    Happy Reading!

  • Annemieke

    Oh wow congrats on the academy invite. That is so great! Yeay for being noticed.

    And yeay for being ahead of the challenge. I’m 13 books ahead at the moment. I don’t even know how that happened.