A #Yogi Tale – The Temple

Because it can’t get any more spiritual than Yoga!

Hello there,

Now that I’m in the middle of Springgedon, [the busiest time of the year for us along with Fallcalypses], I think it’s time for me to introduce the libervative vegan, long hair, peace lover, hippie of a tenant living inside this meat-eater, disgustingly suburban, soccer mom and to tell you about how much this tenant wants me to be a SERIOUS yogi.

And by serious I mean she wants me to do yoga EVERY DAY!

So, because of this identity crisis, I’ve been doing yoga, on and off [well more like off, off, on, off, off, off, off, off, off ,on, on off, off, off] for about twelve years now and, believe me, I have thought many times about pulling an Elizabeth Gilbert and escaping to India but I think I’ll miss B-Dad and the Spawns too much, so I just keep my quest for the ultimate yoga Shangri-La very local. 🙂

And I think I found something very close to a Shangri-la. And since yoga is the closest of a religion you’ll ever see me practice, [I was raised catholic and have tried other faiths, even Zen Buddhism!] I call this wonderful place…


I experience such a profound transformation when I enter this place, that I’ve just come to accept that, that’s exactly what yoga is to me: a spiritual/religious experience and this place is my TEMPLE, in big, bold,ominous letters.

Raffa Yoga,  is an “Active relaxation Center” [I dare you to find a better tag line!] in Cranston, RI. Since I work in Rhode Island I try to visit THE TEMPLE as often as I can.

I love this place, where a fountain, a little Buddha and deeeeeeep gong welcomes you, his rumbling resonating all across the parking lot. The beautiful resonance of that gong is the cue that you are entering another dimension. You go through that magical portal and PUFF! You are lost in the scent of incense and the soft Zen music that seems to be playing directly inside your mind, because it follows you everywhere.

And Every time I visit THE TEMPLE, and I mean EVERY TIME, I debate [or more like, agonize] about whether to spend my $12 yogi weekly allowance consuming one of the overpriced but deliriously yummy vegan-gluten free-raw morsels, getting a new super cute yoga pant or… ACTUALLY DO YOGA. [shaking.my.head!]

So in I go, down the hall of this oh-so-tastefully decorate place to do yoga…

I don’t stop by their super famous “Antigravity Room” because I suffer from motion sickness and I want to throw up when I get in those hammock like thingies because they NEVER stop moving!

And walk as fast as I can by the Active Relaxation Center and Urban Sweat [AKA wonderland] so I don’t die of despair and jealousy because I would love to meditate in the heated water beds, bean bag chairs and hammocks…

Or visit their wonderful heated rooms…

Himalayan Salt Grotto

Eucalyptus steam

Urban Hamman

Yellow Turmeric room

Black Charcoal Sauna

Finlandian Sauna

This urban paradise even has Grateful Greenhouse where they “use sustainable farming methodology, composting, worm casing and the psychology of plants to grow the very best”.



On man, this place is just as wicked awesome as it is utterly unaffordable, at least for me. So I only get to enjoy it every two weeks thanks to the generosity of people who love me and buy me gift cards and thanks to their quarterly special of $120 for ten classes that I get for my birthday or mother’s day. That’s all I do there: yoga classes and dream about indulging in the urban sweat or therapeutic services one day. :). I have tried about five different classes so far and hope to try the rest soon and tell you all about it.

What about you? Do you also have a wanna be vegan-yogi-hippie living inside you?

Do you actually make him or her happy doing yoga? Where? Tell me about your favorite studio

Thank you for visiting!


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