Springeddon is here! But I #AMREADING, #AMWRITING and I am #BLOGGING!

Because, prepping is surviving!

Hello fellow apocalyptic beings,

Springeddon is here! The Spawns have tennis, swim and soccer practices PLUS robotics, dance and music lessons EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK.

So life is just a blur of me rushing home from work [3:00 pm], to pick the Spawns up at our neighbor’s house [3:30]

OK I NEED TO STOP HERE. I need to say this..


They are this lovely retired couple, SO sweet, laid back and nice [not like yours truly, neurotic sports mom] and they take care of the Spawns SO WELL.


So… I was saying.. I get the Spawns at 3:30 and then I herd them to the car like a drill sergeant:

“come come come, finish getting dressed! We need to go!” “OMG what are you doing? We are late”

“Here! Eat this protein bar” “Here! Drink this milk”

“Here take this bag [soccer] and this one [dance] and this [saxophone] and get in the car!”

“no, no, no go your sister is going that way! Go the other way!”

“Did you bring your bottle of water?”

“oh no no don’t put your new jersey on until you are done eating”

“Ok you can practice that new piano piece while your sister is getting dressed”

“ok you can practice that new saxophone piece while I do your sister ballet bun”.

We even do Spanish lessons with Mango audio book while we are commuting from place to another. [review coming soon]. After we are done with this one, we’ll be trying Spanish for Dummies.
At the end of the day this is pretty much how I look after that much adulting. Like this picture from Adulthood Is a Myth that I started reading and I think I will love very much.

In the past Springeddon had meant total blogging debacle, mayhem, devastation, destruction… 😫 The end of the blogging days for this poor little blogger because, besides all this adulting, there is also this huge, devastating, apocalyptic, writing event that happens in April…

 Camp NaNoWriMo!

But now? This little bookworm and book blogger fears not! 😎

Because she will not be forgotten in this super busy #momlife and #amwriting extravaganza!


“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 🤔

“If a blogger was a good prepper  and it’s ready for a zombie apocalyptic blogging Springeedon and she does not share it why she is SO READY… did it happen???”

NOPE! Sooooo, I have to post about it and you gotta tell me what you think and give me MORE tips so the Zombies don’t eat me! 💀

So WHY is this little blogger not so scared about this Springeddon?? Because…

  1. She didn’t go “slothing” in February as she could have, JUST BECAUSE, it was a “lazy” month. NOPE! SHE.DID.NOT She read ALL THE BOOKS  😎 [maybe not ALL but some but more than she usually reads] and drafted LOTSA posts! AND…
  2. She learned LOTSA about plotting last week, AND..
  3. She’ll be plotting a gorgeously gritty dystopian/apocalyptic Book next week, SO…
  4. She’ll  be ready to beastly write , AND
  5.  Won’t be all stressed not knowing where her story goes,  SO…
  6. She won’t be mess of despair, which is what throws her into reading slumps, AND
  7. She will STILL be able to beastly read all her pending ARCs…

Reading now

As usual I’m reading a few books at the same time. SEVEN!

Hardcovers on my nightstand…

  • The Inexplicable Logic of my Life, which I also have as NetGalley ARC, is a contemporary that, OMG!, is also one of the most scrumptiously beautiful books I’ve ever read! ❤❤❤
  • A list of Cages I just took a sneak peek and CANNOT return it to the Library because it seems so good so there it is.
  • Hyperbole and a Half, which will probably stay on my nightstand forever since it’s my new bible.🙏


  • The Night Mark, a NetGalley ARC, by Tiffany Reisz. She is such an amazing writer that I HAVE to read pretty much anything she writes. 🙂

Audio Books…

  • Winter audio book that I listen to with my kids in the car and…
  • Wolf by Wolf WICKED LORD OF BOOKS THIS BOOK IS AH-MAZING!!! A WWII Historical fantasy that is surely going to become an all-time favorite!


Reading Next Harcover


Reading Next eBooks

Next Audio Books

What about you my fellow apocalyptic beings? How do you prepare for Springeddon?

Have you plotted the next scrumptiously stunning bestseller? NO???

[don’t worry, me neither probably. NOT YET] 😝

OK, if you are not plotting, I hope you are beastly reading!

How many dozen of books are you reading now? What do you have lined up?

Thank you for visiting!


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