It’s a Wrap! – February 2017

When I was a TV coward!

Unlike December and January, which were crazy with ballet performances and robotics competitions February was very uneventful, a much-needed break!

We just had school and the regular after-school activities: soccer, swimming saxophone, electric guitar and piano. Butterfly plays for two teams and both teams won their February regional tournaments and Grasshopper‘s team won his indoor league.

This was a very mild winter, so last week we were able to resume our hiking New England adventures [post coming up soon].

B-Dad and our Spawns watched tons of TV as usual, but I didn’t… BECAUSE I AM A SILLY TV COWARD! 🙁
I haven’t watched The Young Pope anymore because B-Dad abandoned it saying it has become “blah” and I didn’t want to deal with that disappointment. And I haven’t watched the second part This is Us, S1 because I need to be “in the right mood” for all that emotional roller coaster.


I did watched a couple of episodes of Taboo and Six [review coming up tomorrow] because B-Dad wouldn’t stop talking about these two shows! Every night I get a 5-star review for both shows from B-Dad. I always wanted to post reviews for books, shows and movies B-Dad and our Spawns like but they are SO SUPER ELOQUENT [not!].

The Spawns’ comments on anything would be either a “NAH” or a “I liked it” and B-Dad’s would be something along the lines of “Man, that show is incredible!”. So I’ll probably watch Taboo again and post a review, because the show did look “incredible”. 🙂

I did watch reruns of Wife Swap which I love to watch from time to time because it makes me feel we are SO NORMAL compared to other families LOL!

And it turned out my kids love it! They would be like  “Oh wow, that mom is CRAAAZYYY” “did you see that?? She makes her kids do chores EVERY day”. So, it has become an awesome educational tool because now they know I could be SO MUCH WORSE! 😀

We also got to watched The Great Wall in IMAX, which was AWESOME!

So if you haven’t read my review go check it out NOW!!!

Hummmm…. Writing? You think I should include a writing update?


I did write FIFTEEN posts in February and drafted a bunch posts for when the Springeddon comes.

That’s writing people! That’s LOTSA writing!

And what about reading??? February was a GREAT reading month! Because I became a book manic remember? I read SEVEN books in February which is like two books per weeks, which is like a HUGE record for me :). These are the books I read…

These are the books I’m reading/listening now….

Yep, I’m still reading Hyperbole and a Half. I’m just not ready to finish that book. I ADORE THAT BOOK!

And  have LOTSA reviews ready for you, coming up soon on the blog… That’s a lot of writing!

Ohhhh did you mean how is my creative writing going? Like if I have made any progress with Scrivener or my WIP???

I thought we were friends!


Because there has been NO creative writing in February whatsoever! 🙁


Because I’m planning a huge, devastating, apocalyptic, writing event that will start SOON. March and April will be ALL about writing.

March will be prep time and April total Camp NaNoWriMo Domination!!!

Because I won Camp NaNoWriMo last year people! I DID!

Stay tuned please! I can definitely used tips, advice, encouragement, and since you are at it… some “I know you’ll be a great author” pre-adoration 🙂

What about your February? Was it fun? Busy? Stressful? Apocalyptic? Tell me all about it!

Thank you for visiting!


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