Hello Me, it’s You – 2.5 disappointing stars

WOW! I am SO disappointed!

2.5 disappointing stars

About the Book

Hello me, It’s you

[NetGalley ARC]

“Keep smiling and being you. Don’t let the world change you”

Hello Me, it’s You is a collection of letters by young adults aged 17-24 about their experiences with mental health issues. The letters are written to their 16-year-old selves, giving beautifully honest advice, insight and encouragement for all that lays ahead of them.

This book was produced by the Hello Me, it’s You charity, set up by the editor, Hannah. Hannah was diagnosed with depression and anxiety whilst at university and found comfort in talking to friends about their experiences, realising she was not alone in her situation. This inspired the idea for the charity and book. Through the creation of materials such as this, the charity aims to provide reassurance for young adults (and their families) who are experiencing mental health issues and give a voice to young adults on such an important topic. The result of that will hopefully be a reduction in the negative stigma surrounding mental health and an increase in awareness of young people’s experiences. All profits go the Hello Me, it’s You charity, for the production of future supportive books.

Trigger warning: Due to it’s nature, the content of this book may be triggering. Contains personal experiences of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, trichotillomania and other mental health issues, as well as issues such as assault.

“…both beautiful and necessary” Sarah Franklin



I’m so immensely disappointed with this experience! And I’m this disappointed mostly because, I don’t think I have ever been more in love with a premise and wanted to read a book so badly.

I had SUCH huge expectations for this book!!!

Mental illness can be a very terrifying and isolating experience, and I always feel hopeful when I learn that there is a new book that could shed some light on this topic that is often misunderstood and treated as a taboo.

Since I dealt so closely with mental illness I braced myself for an emotional journey, and…

There was no such journey

I guess for some reason I had huge expectations for the writing. I was expecting a touching, emotional prose. These were letters to a younger self that feels trapped, lonely, isolated and terrified by mental illness. So, I was expecting the writing to deliver compassion and sympathy.

Most importantly, I expected it to be UTTERLY personal.

You are talking to yourself after all, right?!?!

You should know exactly what to say, and how to say it and these letters felt so incredibly distant and cold! So impersonal almost like business letters!

Because they were ALL felt the same!! Exactly the same! Like someone had used a template and just change the events or situations.

These letters sounded like this to me…

Hello, I’m twenty-three. We made. You’ll be OK. Because there is people that love you and care about you. 

I’m not trying to be sarcastic.I’m not kidding

I take this theme very seriously

But that’s how they letters felt to me. So emotionally flat!

I KNOW, I AM POSITIVE, I would have not related to any of these letters when I was sixteen and depressed. I would have NOT find it helpful AT ALL. Maybe it is just me. Maybe other people would. Not me.

I would have liked my letter to be been more intimate.

Take Hyperbole and a Half. There is a chapter about depression. Even though it’s a graphic novel, and humor, it’s the most authentic description of depression I have EVER read. I could tell the person that wrote it KNEW EXACTLY what depression was. The description was flawless.

These letters? Not at all.

I wish I could have given this book a five-star review because it was a five-star idea, a five-star theme, five-star intention but then, it went down the hill from there to a three-star content and a two-start execution.

I have never felt so bad about giving a bad review until now, because I don’t want to discourage people from reading this book. Some of the information is helpful but the delivery hurts the purpose terribly.

What about you? Have you read this book?

Maybe you can give it a try and let me know what you think. [It’s only 122 pages.]


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