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Where and when the world ended

Welcome back my beloved apocalyptic beings to another episode of Springgedon 2017! I got news..

The world is gonna end!

Literally. The world is gonna end in my no-zombies apocalyptic series “Daughters of the Desert” [or maybe alternative history-dystopian-dark fantasy. Sorry! I wish I knew  what I’m doing 😜 ].

I’m adding 20K words to my WIP! Let’s take a moment to admire the image on the left. Isn’t my Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 working cover just gorgeous??? Definitely not the actual cover, but very inspiring. Are these girls going to destroy the world or save it? I wish I knew!  😉

BUT, today I wanted to introduce the entity that is going to help me figure it out and make the 20K words possible…


[ominous music, sunset in the background]

And after reading, and reading, and reading, about how to plot/outline I came up with this template for this Camp NaNoWriMo 2017. I’m sure it’s going to evolve as I learn more about outlining and I still plan to use Scrivener but I needed something I already know how to use so I could outline fast and furious before life got in the way again…. [because, man! Scrivener is complicated! 😩].




[ominous music, sunset in the background.. again]

The first tab has the plot and the rest of the tabs have the characters [Zane, Sarah, Raw and Seth] and setting profiles [Excavation site and Nomads camp]

The images show the first tab, the plot, because I’m still working on the template for the characters profiles.

The first column, A, has the timelines. The prequel stars right after WWII and the timeline is 1948-2000, and then Book 1’s 2000 – 2012, Book 2’s 2012 – 2032 with book 3 ending in 2042. Each book is beautifully color-coded [Am I not like an incredibly imaginative writer??? 😎 I don’t know if it’ll make it easier, but it looks GOOD 😊 ]. Column B contains the main story arc and then there is a column for each character arc.

Then each book is broken down in a Four Act Structure. Even though the Three Act Structure is a much more popular concept, I decided to go with four [which basically breaks the third act in two] because the more I break the story down, the easier it is for me to organize my thoughts. This Four Act Structure goes as follows:

Act 1 – Inciting incident or life-changing event, that threatens the character’s original world, compels the character to act and triggers the story.

Act 2 – The character reacts to the inciting event, steps into a different world, comes up with a plan and engages.

Act 3 – Character executes acts but there maybe a twist and things may not worked as planned.

Act 4 – Climax. Final act. Last Battle. Character wins or loses. Resolution. THE END

So, hopefully, next week this magical transformation will happen…

In the meantime, some full-time working, momming, wifing and other adulting in general, PLUS reading and blogging will still happen! Spawns still will be chauffeured to their different activities, fed at night and loved. More books will be read and more reviews will be posted. 😎

Reading now

Next Reviews

Reading Next eARCs

Reading Next Hardcovers

Next Audio Books

Pending ARCs

All this reading is REALLY going to happen people!


[nope, I’m not! BUT I like to think I am 🙂 so don’t tell me I’m not!]

How about you, my fellow apocalyptic beings? Are you ending the world too?

What templates do you use to outline?

Oh… you are not writing an apocalyptic/dystonia? WHY??? 😳

OK… OK… For god sake… Are you a reading beast at least? 😳

What are you reading? And what are you reading next?

Thank you for visiting!


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