It’s a Wrap! – January 2017

When I solved the mystery!

Hi, welcome to another It’s a Wrap, where I tell you HOW FANTASTIC JANUARY WAS!.

Family life was fun and exciting with Grasshopper’s FLL Robotics Championship and his trip to Washington,DC for the Envision Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit. I had to fly to DC twice in four days, but got to  visit the museums and take great pics! 

In January we watched some fun movies like Suicide Squad and Passengers and well… Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was pure awesomeness. 🤣 We also watched my memoir: Finding Dory. Yup, I’m totally like Dory, so I ADORED the movie ad will tell you all about in February.

We also did a great job at ignoring the fact that this has been a super mild winter and managed to stay home a lot, snuggling and binge-watching a few TV-Shows  like This is US and the HOLY MUSHROOMING of weirdness of The OA and The Young Pope. These two shows… totally befuddling psychedelic trips! Don’t miss the review of The Young Pope in February!

Best of all people… January was the month when I finally solved the mystery of my chronic reading condition and…

#AMREADING again! I’m back at being this reading beast! 😝

And of course that is NOT me in the picture above. That is how I would look if I could throw a reading best fit. But no books would ever be harmed in the making of a post on this blog. We are all book lovers here.

So in January I got to read books with either tripping worlds or tripping plots like Labyrinth Lost and The Unbecoming of Maya Dyer [what is with all the tripping huh??] and Holy Hell this AWESOME sci-fi gem: Hell Divers. There were heart wrenching moments too with a Monster Calls [ouch that one STILL HURTS!] and the touching adoption story of Lada from And I Darken [RTC next week] and well… because there always have to be some disappointments… I also read Milk and Honey [RTC February] and Me Before You.

So I will continue my treatment of mixing genres and formats and well I guess that’s one reason why “currently-reading” GR shelf usually has more than one book. The other reason is motherhood. Yup that is what spawning little versions of you into this world does to you. You READ with them too, so… “currently-reading” GR shelf usually has…

  1. One Children book that I’m reading with Butterfly [Now reading Wizardology]
  2. One Middle Grade book that I’m reading with Grasshopper;
  3. One Amazon freebie eBook or an eARC from Netgalley that I read late at night when I don’t want a physical  book to fall on my face. By the way… Can you believe my BFF Netgalley forgave me for my three months unvoluntary hiatus and it actually approving ARCs for me again??? She is totally ignoring my 30% rate! WOW
  4. At least one hard cover. There could be more. Sometimes three or four hard covers that I’m “probing”. I read the first pages  and then I choose one.
  5. One audiobook that may not be appropriate for my beloved spawns sooooo then I need…
  6. Another audiobook for when I’m driving them around.


I hope to keep this reading wonderful momentum going in February and read some of these books…

Hard Covers


Netgalley ARCS

Amazon Freebies



So some of you know about my “other” life as book reviewer. I was a book reviewer BEFORE. In a previous life. I just recently reincarnated in this one. So I already wrote MANY reviews and I want those reviews HERE, on this blog because…

  • I’m extremely vain. 😎 And it kills me that this new blog and the GR account that goes with it shows that I have only read and reviewed a small number of books. Nope. Not acceptable. Nuh-uh! 😕
  • I will continuing series that I started in my previous life and I like my series reviews to be complete and in order.
  • When Springeddon comes and my beloved Spawns sports activities completely take over my life, I may need to post some of those old reviews.

SOOOOO the deal is my beloved fellow book maniacs.. when you see one of those reviews and you get that uneasy Déjà vu feeling of “I HAVE READ THIS BEFORE”…

Can you be like Louisa in Me Before You, pretend you have the IQ of an amoeba or Dory’s memory, and pretend that is a fresh totally new review???


Yes? Ohhh you are something! THANK YOU! 🙂

So these are the reviews you can expect to see soon on the blog soon…

So because I live in this imperfect world called “real life” where apparently time is limited… I didn’t cook much so I didn’t have many #Foodie’s tales and #amwriting NOTHING lately. I hope to have the time to play with scrivener again in February and to share my sangria and paella recipes.

What about you??? How was January for you?

Thank you for visiting!


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