Marked (Servants of Fate book 1) – 4.8 “perfect blended world” stars

Because not everyday you find a prefect blended world

Remember when I told you about how magical audio books were?? well today I wanted to tell you about THE AUDIO BOOK! The one that actually got me hooked to audio books.

4.8 “perfect blended world” stars!

About the Book

Marked (Servants of Fate book 1)

In a broken landscape carved by environmental collapse. Boston paramedic Cacia Ferry risks life and limb on the front lines of a fragile and dangerous city. What most don’t know—including her sexy new partner, Eli Margolis—is that while Cacy works to save lives, she has another job ferrying the dead to the Afterlife. Once humans are “Marked” by fate, the powerful Ferrys are called to escort the vulnerable souls to either eternal bliss or unending fire and pain.
Unaware of Cacy’s other life, Eli finds himself as mesmerized by his fierce and beautiful partner as he is mistrustful of the influential Ferry clan led by the Charon—who happens to be Cacy’s father. Cacy, in turn, can no longer deny her intense attraction to the mysterious ex-Ranger with a haunted past. But just as their relationship heats up, an apparent hit takes the Charon before his time. Shaken to the core, Cacy pursues the rogue element who has seized the reins of fate, only to discover that Eli has a devastating secret of his own. Not knowing whom to trust, what will Cacy have to sacrifice to protect Eli—and to make sure humanity’s future is secure?



My Review

I wish I could have stayed forever in the sublime world of Marked, which is really THREE worlds in one!

  1. The real world: a dystopian, post-apocalyptic flooded Boston result of climate changes in the 21st century with tons of sci-fi elements: new technology, new sciences, advances in medicine… Prrrrrerfect
  2. The afterlife world, with heaven, hell, and everything. And then… Is there anything better, more intriguing, more scrumptiously gothic and evocative than the afterlife??? Yes… the third world…
  3. The Veil! The real world and the afterlife are masterfully intertwined by the fantastic world in-between: “The Veil”. A ghostly insubstantial image of the real world where the souls wait to be guided to the afterlife.


After I read Marked, Sarah became one of my favorite authors ever!

Her writing is just like when my grandma used to spoil me and cook EXACTLY the things I liked the way I liked them 🙂

Lots of showing and just the right amount of telling… OH YES!

And Cacy the female MC… my kind of girl! Resourceful, strong. Though she relies on Eli, the hero, she can very well handle everything that is thrown at her. Eli is strong, capable, brave, just the way I like my heroes: 100% alpha-male abilities 0% alpha-male attitude. He’d kill anyone that would hurt Cacy but he is not controlling or overprotective. And all the other characters with their own stories : Moros, Trevor, Dec, Galina. Can’t wait to learn more about them in the next books!

The narration is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD! And the plot, and the story… There is suspense, action, romance… There is EVERYTHING! So, I this audio book may appeal to fantasy/sci-fi and paranormal romance readers alike. I highly recommend it!

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