#AmReading – Reading slump and NetGalley 30

Because NetGalley can be VERY scary!

Hello fellow bookworms!

So an update…  Just like that… Puffff! Magic! I’m back at reading ebooks! I don’t seem to have a problem with ebooks anymore.

SMH! I guess I will never really solve the mystery of my reading slumps!

But the good thing is that at least for now, I am catching up with all my pending ARCs.

There are things I love about being an ARC reviewer, like discovering that the new book from your favorite author is available for request, or being approved for an ARC  or seeing your Netgalley ratio go up a point after giving feedback… 😀

But deadlines, or the pressure of a big TBR pile, or a low Netgalley ratio has often ruining my reading experience.

When I started blogging I did book tours for like three months until I realized it felt like having a job because of all of the deadlines. Netgalley doesn’t really have deadlines but somehow I still manage to stress over my ratio being too low or having too many pending ARCs. And…

It’s not like I can stay away from Netgalley! It’s just SO FREAKING addicting!

So… I have this wonderful pile of hardcovers from the library on my nightstand that I want to read…

And a bottomless pit full of freebies in my kindle because I’m a hopeless one-clicker too.

These is just the ones I marked as “I want to read NOW damn it!”


I still feel obligated to read ALL my ARCs first! And.. Look! There is FOURTEEN of them!


It’s not like I can just be a good girl and focus on the ARCs first because I would fall into areading slump again!

So I should really just read whatever I’m in the mood for


so I guess I have a few questions…


Does your Netgalley ratio bother you? Stresses you out?

Or you really don’t care?





Thank you for visiting!


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30 thoughts on “#AmReading – Reading slump and NetGalley

  • verushka

    You know what, my netgalley ratio totally did bug me, and it still does from time to time but… I realised when I wasn’t enjoying the act of reading, I was in trouble. That was the quickest way to get me frustrated. And I didn’t want that at all — so I *try* to be more zen about my ratio, and I don’t always succeed so I’m a bit of a WIP in that regard.

  • Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Well I’m kicking butt with my NG ratio right now, so I’m good lol. It does stress me out if it gets below like 70 or 80%, but I’ve finally submitted enough reviews that my ratio doesn’t do a nosedive every time I get a new book. But you need to read Artificial and How to Date Dead Guys already!!!@%$&#!

  • chucklesthescot

    I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the books I have that I want to read too! They all sound so great, but you never know until you start reading! Today I’m going through all my ebooks and looking at reviews to see what still sounds good and what has tropes I don’t like and can be deleted. You were asking us visitors about Netgalley…my ratio was 100% and I never ordered more than 2 at a time to ensure I had time to read them and they and other deadline books took priority. However now I don’t order ARCs and don’t do many author reviews, so I’m just reading all the books I got for myself with no deadlines to worry about. I’ll be doing this until I hugely reduce the tbr!

  • Stephanie Jane

    I have to be so strict with myself on NetGalley! Absolutely NO requesting new books unless I have visited to leave a review!
    But then publishers email inviting me to have their new book and it would be rude to refuse 😉

  • Samantha

    So, now that Netgalley automatically tells me which books are more than 3 months old on my shelf, it totally bothers me!!! I have 7 books that are more than 3 months old and that number grows each week. My ratio is like 90% because I have 300 reviews done on the site, but that 3 month thing really bugs me. I have so many book on my kindle that I want to read, but I feel like my ARC schedule dictates my reading schedule. Sometimes, I wonder why I even requested a book because by the time I get around to it, it doesn’t even sound good any more! Sigh….

  • Sarah @ Sarah Withers Blogs

    I’m still relatively new to NetGalley so I went on a bit of a request binge, not expecting to be given access to many of them as my blog was so new. I’ve been given access to far more than I expected so now my ratio isn’t great.

    A lot of the books I have to read aren’t due for release until the summer so I’m not behind as such, but my ratio is only sitting at 37% because of it. I’ve decided I’m not going to request any more until I get my ratio back up towards 80% – No doubt something else will catch my eye next week and I’ll end up requesting it anyway.

  • kimbacaffeinate

    When it comes to NetGalley, whether the pub sends me a widget or I out and out request I am super anal about posting a review before the book archives, usually my post around release date. As a result, my ratio is like 98-99%. Same for Edelweiss, although they don’t taunt you with a ratio standing. However, my own reading list suffers. I keep saying I am not going to accept books, but then a book appears that I intended to read or one teases me. Hope the week ahead is a good one and the reading slump continues to abate.

  • Greg

    Artificial looks great (Kristen reviewed it) and the author is funny, I like her videos. Delirium too because I like Lauren Oliver. 🙂 So read those ! Ha ha although Never Never and Vanishing Point look interesting.

    Netgalley I’ve avoided as I’m a mood reader and don’t want to mess with ratios but I’m slowly coming around to the idea, as some books I hate waiting for. 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Haha, it is just too easy. I often fall prey to a bonanza or requests when I logged in just to “see what I might want to read next.” I try to stagger my reading, so I will read one review book, one library book, and one from my own shelves. I know everyone is getting a little love that way!

  • Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Whoa, that’s a lot of arc’s. I’d be feeling the pressure. I am ridiculously picky about what I request. It has to be from a very small handful of favorite authors or a book I am crazy excited for. Otherwise, I’d rather just continue to read what’s already on my shelves and wait for the book to be released. Everything Everything was good. I listened to the audio version last year and enjoyed it even more than I expected. A List of Cages broke my freaking heart. I just read it a couple weeks ago and I would have to stop at certain scenes and collect myself. It was a tough, emotional read but I’m so glad I read it.

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      Tanya.. feeling the pressure haha not helping! LOL! 🙂 I’m listening to Everything Everything right now and it’s sooooo slow.!!! I’ll have to adjust the speed. A List of Cages will be the reason I’ll fall even more behind my ARCs 🙁 I HAVE TO READ THAT BOOK PERIOD!

  • Kathryn Trask

    Hmm I know a blogger who burnt herself out and when she stopped blogging never read a book for 6 months. That would be a pity if it happened to us. I have stopped myself from clicking on everything because the pressure does put me off reading. My goal this year is to read less than last! I am on track. Read what is going to be a pleasure for you.

  • Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Yes my Netgalley ration freaks me out but I’ve learned to live with it. I am bad about getting books from the library and never reading them so I’ve been trying to work one or two in each month. Right now my Goodreads challenge is freaking me out because I can’t remember the last time I was behind. I’m working on my March TBR and wish I could just stay home and read all month. I’ve heard great things about The Devil Crept In and Wolf Road so maybe you could pick up one of those next.

  • Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    Ha ha – reading slumps are weird. Mine is now over too! YAY! We’re both back on the CAN READ bandwagon.

    Eep – arcs are PRESSURE!!! And I cannot do a low NG ratio – I just can’t. It stresses me out!!! I haven’t gone below 80 since I started because – I CANNOT DEAL. I just have to be super careful about what and when I request! And leave space the the ‘have-to-click’s.

    You have some really beautiful covers in your stacks there! I love the look of Dragon of Ash and Stars! I hadn’t heard of that befdore! Also your Arcs also look great – I hope you’re managing to get through them!!??

    I would read Gilded Cage first… And then Dragon of A&S and then delerium! 🙂

  • Olivia

    I’ve stopped requesting haha. I’ve only read 5 so far from Netgalley in total but I’m so behind all the books and classics and everything else I want to read that I just told myself to stop requesting!

  • Anna @ Adventures with a Book Nerd

    Honestly, I’m to busy right now to worry about my NetGalley ratio. I know that it’s awful, but that’s really all I can tell you. I’m going to try and get it up again this summer when I have time to read all of my ARCs. I have quite a lot that I need to read, and have already been published, that I just haven’t had the time to read. I have read LINK, though it was at least a year and a half ago. I think that I gave it 2.5 stars. It was okay, but it was nothing special. Good luck with picking a book to read! I recommend…using a random online picker. Yep, leave it to Anna to give you the one piece of advice that probably won’t help. 😉