#amreading – Reading slump and a format affair part II – those magical audiobooks

Because audiobooks are like the fairy godmother

Hello fellows beings blessed with the grace of some awesome bookwormness!

Today I was hoping we could talk about how magical audiobooks are 🙂

But first, please let me ask you this… because UGH! I just have to ask!…

Do you think those little tiny, minuscule indentations in A  FINGERNAIL are like SUPER annoying especially when you haven’t noticed it until you need to wash your hair?????

Oh wicked lord of all annoyances!

Is there anything harder than washing your hair when you have one of those indentations??? Especially if you have looooong hair like mine! One hair gets stuck there and you cringe while you slide your hand aaaaaall the waaaaaay to set it free. You can’t just go and grab a nail file and get rid of it because you are in the middle of washing your hair, so all you can do is try to finish with that one finger stretched out away from your hair.

AND IT IS NOT easy to wash your hair with one finger less than you are used to!

And if you are like Dory [like I am] then you soon forget and run all your fingers through your hair again! Including the indented culprit, and your hair get stuck again and UGH…

Does that happen to you? Because it happens to me all the time!

Oh well so back to the books… What also happens to me ALL THE TIME now is… audiobook magic!

There are some books I just can’t read! And then when I listen to the audio book is not just that I all the sudden like them..  I actually ADORE them! Most of them end up as 5-stars reviews!

Isn’t that crazy? Magical? I have a DNF and then, there comes the audiobook like the fairy godmother with its magic wand and…



Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put ’em together and what have you got

A DNF is now a 5-star book!

It drove me crazy for months until I just made pace with the fact that, sometimes, my inner reading voice is profoundly BORING or at least is not as fun or as awesomely performed as some narrators’.

These are some examples of sheer genius gems I would have missed if I hadn’t tried them as audiobooks…

  • And Ember in the Ashes and And I Darken the narrator just make it sound so ANCIENT and just historically perfect!
  • The 5th Wave [I have no idea where the picture went!] Infinite Sea… the narration is SOOOOO SUSPENSEFUL I don’t think I had any fingernails left at the end!
  • Sanctum, Marked and Seven… I LOVED to listen to these paranormal romances. The narrators do a great job making it witty and fun
  • Before I fall. My inner voices could NEVER sound as perfect as the teenager voices this narrator makes!! dragging the vowels in the “duuuudes” and “toooootally” 🙂
  • The Lunar Chronicles is JUST OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD GOOD. The narration is crisp, and sharp, and just makes it sound soooooo futuristic!
  • AND THE FIRST PLACE GOES TOO… Dust Lands! This review is coming up soon so be ready to listen to a lot of WOW!s  OMG!s BEST EVER!s and similar expressions of idiotic adoration. The narration is just EXCEPTIONAL!!! the book is almost all written in a post apocalyptic rural slang that is just OMG genial!!! I could not read this or make it sound this good even if I took a course!!! YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO THIS SERIES

But, because the universe is nothing if not balanced… There are also books that I CANNOT stand as audiobooks! Like these…

The other thing that is great about audiobooks is that my spawns love them. So we listen to part of the book in the car when I’m driving them to practices and games, and then they are intrigued by the story and they want to keep reading at night! Anything to keep them reading! 🙂

These are the two audiobooks we are listening to right now. I’m not sure I’ll let them listen to The Diabolic anymore because it has some scene that sound too violent.


These are the audiobooks reviews coming up next…

What about you? Do you find audiobooks magical? What audiobooks are you listening to right now?

Thank you for visiting!


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