TV Show Review: This is Us

Grab your tissues and let’s cry rivers!

Ok People ready? Grab your tissues and put on your life vests just in case. Because we will cry rivers! This is Us season one resumes TODAY!

About the Show

This is Us, Created by Dan Fogelman
Follows a unique ensemble, as their paths cross and their life stories interwine in curious ways, from sharing the same birthday, to so much more than anyone would expect.



I watched the premier of this show and for some reason that first episode didn’t click with me so I didn’t watch the rest.


There was no escaping it. EVERYONE I knew was talking about it!

So one night I couldn’t’ sleep. So I thought “let’s give this show another try”

Oh, Calamity [Yes. I read Big Little Lies. And I love this expression now. And sorry but this is going to stick for a while until I find another one 🙂 ]

This was me binge-watching “This is US”…

Finish the second Episode. “WHAT WAS THAT”? [strangled gasp]. TV OFF. Let’s get Food, wine. I NEED THEM. TV on again. TV OFF again.  Weeps, sobs. [I can’t take any more of this s$#@!]. Let’s get tissues. Let’s get MORE food. Junk food. Sinful amounts of it. Chips. Popcorn. Chocolate.

Repeat until 4:00 am. Until I watched ALL episodes of season one but the last one before the break. And I had a horrible indigestion.

Quite the experience huh?

Well.. nothing compared to that last episode… O.M.G! My heart shattered in billions of microscopic pieces!

Holy S@#$ this show is good! It gets under your skin. Heartbreaking. Best characters ever. Plot more twisted than alien’s tentacles. Beautiful dialogues. A story arc spanning for at least three decades, alternating between different timelines but so masterfully blended and connected that it only adds to the suspense and elation.

Yes. Elation. AND SO MANY EMOTIONS! Sadness, joy, despair, hope. AND SO MANY TISSUES!

You know how now TV shows always kill THAT one character that NO ONE should have ever dared to kill… Yup that kind of show!

Very good production as well. Impeccable acting. Very well executed: costumes, settings, everything!

SO WATCH IT but get the kit: junk food, wine and tissues! Endless amounts!


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