TV Show Review: The OA 12

Meet me at the shadowy crossroads… – 5 creepylicious stars!


Welcome to the shadowy crossroads where dark fantasy/sci-fi and horror meet!

About the show

The OA, Netfilx Original show

Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Johnson returns home, now in her 20s and her sight restored.

While many believe she is miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.



Oh lord, people all the hype it’s true! You gotta watch this show!


This was quite the experience. So retro, vintage, unique and creepylicious. B-Dad and I binge-watched it until we couldn’t keep our eyes opened anymore.😴

And to think that I had never heard of it! It was B-Dad who told me about all the hype! 🙄

Because I’m like that most of the time: clueless. Then sometimes I get out from under that rock I’ve been living and go… “Ooooh, Hellooo beautiful world!”


Well.. A few reasons…

One – This Netfilx Original show  is a very intense and “hold your breath” suspenseful story. Even the title is a big mystery! I was like “Omg! Tell meee! Why the freaking ‘OA'”??? 😫

Two – It’s scifi, slash mystery, slash horror, and that is ALWAYS fantastic 💀

Three – The performances, the scenery, the visuals, are all stellar…


Four – The wonderful disarray of characters… OH MY! You know, the kind where they seem to have nothing in common but at the same time they do, deep in there at the level where you find that we are all basically the same in our hopes and despairs.

Warning: Don’t let the poetic tone of my last sentence confuse you into thinking this is a drama show!

There is drama. Yes. There is just the perfect TINY amount of drama in the characters’ backstories and arcs to give it depth and complexity but, this is a VERY, VERY dark tale.

What happened to this woman during those seven years is… NO JOKE people! There is really hardcore torture here. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of! ☠️

During most of this first season you are like… WTH??? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? How come she can see now? WHAT is it that she wants to do now??? With all these people??? WHAT??? Show me, pleeeease!

I was like… “I bet it was the aliens!”… 👽 “a government experiment!”☠️ “Vampires!” “Zombies!”

I was always so sure I knew what happened, and then… the series spins like 180 degrees! And it gets more retro than a spray painted Volkswagen!

There is even a kinda 60s hippies’ commune of flash mob scene that I was like HUH??? Smoking shrooms much people?

If you enjoy sci-fi/thriller totally-tripping-psychedelic-kinda movies about other dimensions and state of consciousness I think you’d love this show.

If you watched it already… what did you think of it? Did you utterly loved it as I did?


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12 thoughts on “TV Show Review: The OA

  • chucklesthescot

    I haven’t heard of this one but might need to add it to my very long list of things to watch. The list is already so big I feel depressed about it all! Not sure I’ll ever catch up with most of them unless I become a vampire or other immortal creature!

  • Jackie

    Ya, I loved it, girl, you know it lol. I love how you put the five. 60’s Hippy commune on shrooms! Yes because they all did drugs, even the ole teacher/women. I found that a bit odd but I loved the ole lady because of her big heart and generosity for that one student who needed help the most. In fact, I binged watched those eight episodes too.

  • Barb (boxermommyreads)

    OK. You’ve convinced me to give this a try. I just have to convince Mr. Barb it’s worth a try. I did that with Stranger Things and he was hooked by episode 3. Right now I’m binge watching Parenthood but I usually do it when he’s not home or I am going to bed and can watch it upstairs, because he doesn’t like it. BTW, never put a big screen TV in your bedroom. I know all the pros say it’s bad for sleep patterns and stuff but basically it’s bad for sleep because I watch it too much too late at night!

  • Alex @ readstolive

    I watched The OA in… two days I think. It was the most intriguing, bizarre, frustrating watching experience since I watched Hemlock Grove. I think I liked it but I don’t think I’m 100% sure on that to be honest! The best I could sum it up is the blonde girl crying at the end of Mean Girls saying “I just have a lot of feelings!” 😛

  • Greg

    To be honest I’m stuck on this one. I’m like on episode 5 and I took a break- it’s kinda weird ? and I have no idea what’s going on lol and it’s moving a little slow, but I want to finish. Because now I have toknow, and I hate starting a show and not finishing (and it’s only 8 episodes). But I’m hoping there’s a payoff… 🙂 I thought it would be like Stranger Things kinda, but it’s weirder than that!!!

    Glad you liked though and your review is motivating me to finish it out. Oh and the VW pic reminds me of the Mystery Machine!!