There is something about girls climbing trees

Girl Power!

Maybe you already know this but… I’m BIG on Girl PowerNot big, HUGE.

I climbed  A LOT of trees when I was little, and I’m thrilled Butterfly likes to do it as well.

I used to take her and her good friend to a playground a few blocks away from their ballet studio so they could play and relax after the looong Nutcracker rehearsals. They saw this big tree and they decided to climb it. So I let them and even taught them a few tips. 🙂

They were totally dauntless and, of course I had to take many pictures of them. 🙂


Good job mom!

Yelled a dad that was chasing a little toddler around the tree.  He was beaming when he saw the girls, as if I he had witnessed something  wonderful. And he was right. There is something wonderful about watching girls climbing trees. Maybe because I don’t see it that often. Maybe not many girls want or are allowed to climb trees.

So I smiled back at him.  A BIG proud smile that said…

 If it’s up to me, girls will always climb trees!

I love how one of them would hold the lower branches so the other could climb. That’s what Girl Power is about. Creativity. Discovering. Empowering. Team work. Girls supporting other girls.

What about you? Are you also big on Girl Power? Do you support the girls of this world? I hope Girl Power is always with you, my little padawan!


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