FIRST Lego League State Championship

or… Clash of Titans!

Because these kids ARE TITANS people! They are! Now I’m an over-sized fan of ALL Lego League Kids! 🙂

Last Saturday was the State FIRST Lego League Championship, for which Grasshopper’ Team had qualified in December. It was a very intense day. The event was an hour away to we were up at 5:00 am to get there at 7:00 am. It ended at 6:00 pm. it was a loooong but A GREAT day!

When a team qualifies to the State Championship a parent has to volunteer at the event so I volunteered to be a Robot Design Judge and LOVED IT! I’m an engineer and I have always love STEM and robotics but this was… OMG. AH-MAZING! This is the badge I wore all day. Proud mama!

Grasshopper’s team worked really hard!I was already in awe with how disciplined, dedicated an committed this young kids could be but watching the two hundred plus kids in the forty teams in action was something else entirely! Grasshopper’s coaches were awesome as well. They volunteered their time, sponsored the team [which is a CONSIDERABLE investment] and coached these kids to success!

Even though they didn’t get any of the first places awards they got many compliments for their work and presentation skills.

This competition evaluates three areas: Robot Design, Project and Core values. I only got to see the Robot Design part of the competition and was completely blown away by the robots these kids built. I was paired with another judge and we judged ten teams. Each team had five minutes to share with us a little bit about their robot, such as the number and type of sensors, parts, and attachments. They also had to talk about their strategy to complete their missions and about the programming language they used, the number of programs and the amount of memory used by each program.

Grasshopper’s team is already gearing up for next year competition, which will include hydraulics and I hope next year I can volunteer to be a Project Judge! This year the kids had to come up to solutions to problems that involved animals and, as an animal lover, I was excited to hear about some of the innovative solutions they came up with. Grasshopper’s team project was a device that sends a signal to repel animals away from roads when a vehicle approaches and reduce the incidents of car accidents and roadkills.

Here are some pictures. I have no word to express the energy of this event! This event, the volunteers, and the kids… they are all AH-MAZING!

What about you? Do you also like STEM?

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