#amwriting – Scrivener free trial, Part I

Or, taming the Beast!

Hello there! Welcome to my first #amwriting!

Yup, another infamous hashtag.😜 Yup, not very original of me. 🙄 Sorry. I do sometimes get tired of the wonderful uniqueness of my bottomless depths and then I like to just zombie-follow the herd and be utterly unoriginal. 🙄

Sooooo… #amwriting is where I, obviously, update you on what I’m writing. BECAUSE I’M A WRITER! 😎

Even if my WIP is always a WIP, I’m a blogger and we, bloggers, ARE writers!!! Humph! 😤

[anything underlined here is A LINK that you, my little padawans, should go and check if you haven’t yet. I’ll wait here. Patiently. Because, well… YOU GOTTA KNOW that I have a WIP and I will one day write a book]

Back already? Great! Soooooo…. All my blogger friends… since you are writers too, please feel free to join the discussion!

Sadly my WIP will continue to be a WIP unless I do something DIFFERENT. You know, Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is true! I have tested and proved Einstein theory. I’M MUST BE INDEED A GENIUS! 🤓

One of the reasons I can’t finish my WIP is that my brain has not yet evolved to work well in chaos. And a total chaos is what my WIP is right now. And it seems that all the organizational tools I have invented [set of folders, spreadsheets, etc.] are not helping at all. 🤔

So this is something my inner voice often tells me: Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! Damn it!

That’s why I had decided that my reward for winning NaNoWriMo camp back in April was to get Scrivener. Wednesday I had to stay home because I was sick and finally downloaded the 30 days free trial and watched a free webinar. The webinar was GOOD. I’ll have to watch it again, though, because I was too sick to pay attention. BUT I did get this…

It seems scrivener is the WHEEL I don’t need to reinvent!

So the free trial is now installed in my computer and I hope it can help me tame the tentacled beast that is my draft, research and notes… 🦑


I also learned that Scrivener can make blogging easier. So I downloaded a free blogging template but it doesn’t work! 🙄 I’ll try to find another blogging template that does work so I can tell you more about it in my next #amwriting post.

What about you writers and bloggers friends? Do you use Scrivener to organize your work? If not, what tools have worked for you?

Thank you for visiting!


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