#amreading – Reading Slump and genres

Reading Slump alert! Romance to the rescue!

Hello my little Padawans,

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Welcome to my first #amreading [the so infamous hashtag, sorry couldn’t think of anything more original people], where I update you on… “Elementary, my dear Watson” what I am reading now. 🙂 This is also kinda a discussion about reading slumps, so please FEEL FREE TO JUMP IN AND HELP MEEEEE!

So what #amreading is something you can see on my sidebar and my GR “currently reading” shelf BUT ANYWAY, as a reader with a chronic reading condition, I just have to watch it closely. And it has become such a time consuming task for me to decide what to read, that I want to talk about it. Because it’s therapeutic to talk about your problems people. IT IS!


PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE with this poor blogger, my young padawan

Sooooo, I’ll talk about it regularly because therapy is about being consistent. Well… as regularly as I can, because I also have a chronic blogging condition [where real life gets in the way and about which I’m sure I’ll be posting soon].

So this first #amreading post is mostly about HOW DO I KEEP MYSELF READING, despite my condition.

As part of my treatment, I now read all three formats at the same time so you’ll usually see three books. [more to come about formats in the next discussion post]

There is a snow storm now, while I write this post, and all my spawns’ activities have been cancelled and we are all staying home today: The spawns, the HUGE pile of laundry in the basement, the even HUGER pile of books on my nightstand and ME.

Since I already decided what to read I WANT TO GET TO IT [in between laundry loads], please forgive me for being a lazy blogger today but this post has part of a comment I left at Lexxie’s @ (Un) Conventional Book Views AWESOME post Up: “Close and (un)Conventional – Before PNR” with a few edits.

So, this is what #amreading this week.

  • Cress is a no-brainer because I want to finish this series. Can you believe Cinder Book 1 was a DNF [yes you can of course!]. Then I listened to the audiobook and now I think is THE MOST FANTASTIC SCI-FI series EVER.  Thank you Rebecca Soler [the narrator who does a great job]. BUT THIS DOESN’T REALLY COUNT AS “READING” right. 🙂
  • A Monster Calls is ALMOST a no-brainer too because I like to read books that are becoming a movie and the movie is in theaters right now. HOWEVER, The MC’s mom is sick and it reminded me last night of my own mom’s sickness so I had to put it aside. So this may be still a DNF. So here comes the HEROE…
  • Tyrant… a shirtless cover! oh Calamity! [Aunt, Uncles, and other elders please ignore this post]

OK so here comes the auto-plagiarism…

I often say on my posts and reviews that I read “dark and edgy” [which is true] and “roll my eyes” and joke about not being a “romance reader” [which I am tough!!!] and make fun of the “shirtless guys” covers but I just do it for the sake of joking, and “stirring up the pot” and get people talking.

Last night I went through ALL the books on the HUGE pile on my nightstand, most of them Fantasy/Sci-fi of course. I read all the first pages and NONE caught my attention. Reading slump alert! I started to panic. So what do I always do when I feel it creeping on me? SHIRTLESS GUY BOOK!

Michelle @ Because Reading is better than real life  got me reading Tyrant with her status updates on GR

So, no matter how much I joke about it, I LOVE reading romance. Romance books ALWAYS rescue me from reading slumps.

Now I alternate Fantasy/Sci-Fi with other genres as shown in my GR TBR below. Hopefully I will be able to read one of these books after Tyrant, and it will NOT be a DNF!

What about you? Mix genres and formats, my little Padawan does too?


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