#amreading – Reading slump and a format affair 36


Hello fellow bookaholics, welcome to another #amreading.

Today I was hoping we could talk about my kinky book format affair.

But First… please allow me to do this…



Aaaahh… that felt good!

Ok, so Second… let me ask you if you already read my review of Hell Divers. If you haven’t, pleeeease GO READ IT!













Third… let me tell you about what #amreading now…

So continuing with my very-lazy-book-reviewer policy… if I’m not catching up with pending ARCs like Hell Divers and And I Darken, I’m only reading books for which there is a super-mega-hype… #amreading

  • Wizardology… oh this book is so marvelous.🔮 Love it. Love it. Love it. ❤️ I’m having the greatest time reading this book with my little girl-spawn, Butterfly,  🦋 every night. She borrowed it from her school library and I immediately ordered from Amazon.
  • Milk and Honey – Throwing my hands up in the air here.😩 I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. This one will be an interesting one to review.
  • Tyrant... What is that shirtless guy doing on this family friendly blog??? 😳 [hush! It’s here because I love this series! SO GOOD!😝]
  • Raven Boys… This book is my nemesis. 😫 Seriously. You know that pretty butterfly you wanted to catch in the garden when you were little? The one with the beautiful, fragile colorful wings. AND THE DAMN THING never let you catch it! Yup that’s this book for me. It’s going back to the library today. A DNF for the SECOND time! Until I’m ready for it I guess 🙄 SMH!
  • And I Darken… THE END. The end of a looooong search for my book soul mate. I’m off the market now people. I married this book. 👰


So that is kinda what this post is about. I have to talk to you about this issue or I’ll go craziER than I already am.

So #Amreading again because I partly solved the mystery of my reading slump and… I NEED to know! I NEED to know if other bookworms have a defective bookworm brain like mine!

I’m sure this is like a super rare condition because I never heard of this before. But THERE HAS TO BE someone else out there.

So if you are out there, brother or sister bookworm with a defective bookworm brain,  please let me know. Let’s create a therapy group. Let’s heal together.

So this is my bizarre condition….

When I discovered eBooks I was thrilled. They were surely every bookworm’s dream. Being the keyword… MORE. They were cheaper and took virtually no space so I could get and carry MORE books with me. ALL my books were with me ALWAYS so I had this all-consuming, obsessive affair with them. AND they were so deliciously submissive low-maintenance and good mannered! They never fell on my face, ON MY NOSE, when I fell asleep, awaking me rudely and painfully.

Has it happened to you? A book falling on your face??? UGH!!! I used to read in an iPad. Not anymore. Being smacked in the face by an iPad… NOT NICE!

So…back to my decade-long love affair with my submissive eBooks…

When eBooks appeared, physical books became a nuance  and they were mercilessly discarded like a needy high-maintenance unwanted ex-lover.

Until the time of the BIG SLUMP. The readapocalypse. The readingeddon. The end of the reading days. [Poor D shivers here with PTSD ]

Most of the time I’m a VERY fast reader. I’m one of those who can glance at a page side to side and goes through it a few seconds. 😎

When I’m like that, at my best, every page is a symphony that flows smoothly, with the perfect rhythm, cadence and intonation. The right inflections and pauses are in the right places, and ideas can settle in my brain to make perfect sense and for me to savor them.

BUT then suddenly I got all booklexic and books turned into a senseless chaos. Then I would look at the page I was reading perplex because I KNEW that behind that apparent chaos there was supposed to be organized units that made sense: words, sentences and paragraphs. But that original order had been rearranged for me in a way that made no sense whatsoever making me go over the same sentences and paragraphs over and over again. It was like having a ADD JUST when I was reading. 😩

So I thought it was just another reading slump [Again!] and gave up reading altogether. BUT one day I saw the hard cover edition of one of the eBooks I had abandoned and I grabbed it. And I was able to read it!!! Everything was as it should be! The beautiful symphony the book was… was there! And playing for me again! So I went through my DNF shelf and tried other physical books. AND IT WORKED TOO!

So there was the aha moment. IT’S THE FORMAT.

Sooooo… Who forgave me and graciously saved me. Who took me back in their loving arms?

The physical books.

I was SO thankful! I was remorseful, submissive, regretful, contrite, repentant, penitent. All of it. I had learned my lesson!

[sigh] What was I thinking abandoning my precious books???? Why did I ever renounce to this feast of sensations? The texture and smell of the pages, the subtle whoosh when you turn them? The whoosh that is so intimate, like a lover’s whisper in your ear, because no one else can hear it? The smoothness and satin, shy, shine of the cover… The weight, the solidity, the “existeness” of the real book. The “I’m Here”. I’m here FOR YOU.

So now I have the opposite relationship. I’m the happy sub. I happily carry my heavy pile of masters around. I spend much more money on them AND if I fall asleep my master slaps me in the face. HARD. 😝 But it’s real, physical, palpable love. It’s a symphony.

And I’m Reading!

So that’s why I usually read several books at the same time because I have my hard covers now but ARCs are usually ebooks (ugh!), and there are some books I ONLY like as audiobooks which will be part two of this bookish discussion coming up soon on the blog.

So here is my question…




Thank you for visiting!


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36 thoughts on “#amreading – Reading slump and a format affair

  • Greg

    Well glad the slump is over and you figured out the problem lol. I do like to have a physical book, no doubt, and while i ead a ton of ebooks now there’s no substitute for a real book. Especially if it’s one i really want. I’ve never done audios though. I could never read 5 books at one time though- no matter the format. My brain would fry. :):)

  • Megan McDade

    Yay I am glad you reading again. I really want to try the raven boys I don’t know if it will be my thing. I have heard interesting things about milk and honey but I don’t actually know what it’s about LOL. Have a great week.

  • Maureen Beatrice

    Good to hear your reading slumb is over. And now your reading five books at once? I’m in awe!! I never read more than one book at the same time. I haven’t even tried reading more books at once but it doesn’t sound like something I could do. But I wish I could.. it sounds fun to be able to switch reads.
    I don’t really have issues with reading formats. But I definitely love my paperbacks and hardcover way more than my ebooks. But I must admit my ebooks are gaining more love from me every day! LOL!!
    Have a great week!

  • chucklesthescot

    I can generally read an ebook at least twice as fast as a paperback…which is why my ebook blitz this month is going so well, but a tiny change to the format that you can’t see with the naked eye can bring your smooth fast reading to a standstill. You find yourself stumbling over the same sentence several times and wondering why the smooth reading flow has vanished. I hate it when that happens! I get ebooks from a lot of different sites so sometimes I hit this slightly changed format that trips me up. It can be part of an ebook or a whole ebook but it does mean I need to slow down to take everything in.

    I love my paperbacks though! The shiny cover with the pretty colours to look at and admire, the new book smell to tickle the nostrils, the rustle of the pages that whisper to you…I could never cast them aside! Imagine you had a week long powercut and lost your ereader access? Your ereader blows up? Ah but your real books are still there to rescue you from boredom! I usually read one book at a time but the odd time I might have two totally different genres set up especially if one is a historical book or really big book! I need the relief of being able to slither off to the quicker book to give my brain a rest!

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      I think you may have explained the problem I have with Ebooks better! It’s the speed. I go waaay too fast and trip over the sentences! In a real book I can see the whole page and see the paragraphs breaks better. YOU GOT IT Chuckles! When the zombie apocalypse comes.. there will be no ebooks!! OMG!

  • Samantha

    Yay for Tyrant!!! That series….so messed up but SO GOOD! And I have tried the Raven Boys 3 times. I just don’t get the appeal. I have even tried the audio and still can’t get into it. Oh well!
    Glad you are out of your reading slump. I too have been hit with a book. And an iPad. And a kindle. My husband thinks its hilarious! But, I still prefer ebooks. I just do!
    Have a great week!

  • Stormi Johnson

    I sort of have the opposite thing happen, i read faster when I read ebooks than when I read physical copies. Right now though I have having a hard time getting into anything and it’s really bumming me out. 🙁

    Glad you got your reading mojo back!! 🙂


  • Karen Blue

    I am big about formats too. I almost never read an ARC, but I do like eARCs. I like hardcover the best, but I can read an eBook faster than any other format. I guess I am weird as well.
    I am in love with And I Darken as well. It’s okay if you think you married it, I’ll share. I cannot WAIT for the sequel!!! I have Raven Boys but I haven’t actually started it yet. Despite the hype, I need more hours in my days to get more reading in. It is buried in my audible near the back of the line.

  • Deborah

    I’m a really monogamous reader… I read so many similar books I get confused about what happened in which, so if I was to read more than one at once I’d be really screwed!

    Glad the slump’s over!!!

  • Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Well, I cannot say I’ve had any kinky relationships with my books, but there’s no judgment here 😉

    That’s so odd that the format made such a difference, but hey, whatever works! It makes sense to read a couple books at once if you don’t always want to carry around a book or bring a tablet or whatever, but it’s still not my preferred method of reading. It detracts from the books for me because I’m not able to fully sink into either one as well. But I know plenty of people read multiple books at once, and I know for some of them it helps them from getting tired of a book or something. Idk, I’m not the expert since it’s not my thing 😛

  • Barb (boxermommyreads)

    It’s great that you discovered a fix for your slump. I find I do best with a mixture of books. I LOVE the conveniency of ebooks and it’s a great way to get ARCs, but every once in a while I long for a physical copy. I actually think I read faster on my Kindle, but maybe it’s because I read in more places. Plus, despite what they say, I like to read my Kindle in bed at night because I don’t have to get up and turn off a light when I want to sleep (so it’s bad for sleep patterns – whatever. So is the giant TV in my bedroom now).

    I WILL get to And I Darken this year as I’m pretty much convinced with will love it. And congrats on getting sent a signed copy – that’s awesome!

  • Michelle @ FaerieFits

    I know EXACTLY what you mean! I usually have to change format to break out of a reading slump. Like this is a serious thing. It works both directions. Craziness. No idea why other than maybe … that book smell? Versus that convenience on not needing to physically turn a page? I know not …

    Also AND I DARKEN was SOOOooo good! I am glad you are loving it 🙂

  • Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I was very wary of ebooks at first, but they grew on me. Nowadays, I enjoy ebooks, but I definitely still like to pick up a physical book sometimes—I agree that it’s just different somehow. And like you, I’m often reading three books at once—one ebook, one physical book and one audiobook!

  • Lola

    Glad to hear you’re reading again! And I did read your review of Hell Divers already, that’s awesome they’re sending you a signed copy. I heard lots of good things about the raven Boys, but haven’t dared pick it up myself yet. I always read tow books at the same time, I name them my ipad and evening book. My ipad book I read during breakfast, lunch and other breaks during the day, while my evening book I only read before I go to bed. It works for me. Although I can’t imagine reading five books at the same time, but hey if ti works?

    I never had trouble reading e-books or paperbacks, they feel the same to me when i am reading I mostly read e-books nowadays, but do pick up a hardcopy now and then. Mostly from my favorite authors, if I really like the cover or when the paperback is cheaper than the e-book. It’s great that physical copies have gotten you back into reading :).

  • Katy

    I can definitely get burned out if I read too many ebooks in a row. It’s a little bit better now with my kindle rather than a tablet that has back lighting which causes my eyes to get tired really fast. I’m glad your slump is over and you’ve figured it out! For me it helps if I alternate quite frequently.